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Can Elixir X please just... be a real elite skill?

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On its surface, getting Lich Form seems super cool, but like... the elite skill is nothing but other profession elites. I get it, the idea behind the skill is a "Mr. Hyde" style transformation. It's a very cool and thematic thing, very fitting for an Engineer elite.

Could this, instead, have an actual unique transformation to it?

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1 hour ago, Langeball.9351 said:

Under the surface Lich Form also seems really cool.

But it's not usable underwater... /j

Still joking (but less so), it's only 1/3rd as cool as actual Lich Form.

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Really disappointed by this. Engineer players were asking for years for this skill to get it's own transformation and I saw tons of proposals for such. But they do nothing with that feedback and keep it as an unreliable gimmick.

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well, we could always go crazy and convert it into a gadget called toolshop granting you a random weapon(s) of random professions possibly in a random element for the case of ele while the toolbelt will grant a random transformation or conjured weapon, including for example a full necro shroud or firebrand book.

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