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The Predator 3: Assasinate Champion Frainn event bug

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Hey guys!! Soo I'm currently on The Predator 3 collection and I got to the "Assasinate Champion Frainn" part, where you have to kill this guy during the event "Put a stop to the Mighty Oouo", in Timberline Falls. Now, I am pretty sure that this event chain is bugged. It starts with an event called "Defeat the grawl commander", where you have to, well defeat him, but he is nowhere to be found, and also the wiki says "In order for the event to start, the Grawl Commander must be driven out of the cave next to Ogduk Waypoint.", whatever that's supposed to mean. After this event, there is an escort one, "Escort the Order of Whispers team to the grawl camp" where you have to escort two Whispers agents to the grawl camp, and after this event is the one I am looking for. Now, I think these two NPCs are causing all the fuss. They are indeed outside the cave (i am not sure where they are supposed to be for the event to start) and all they do is kill grawl and die. I cannot find the grawl commander to trigger his event so that the escort and all is triggered either, so I'm stuck. Any ideas??

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Hello, i'm also doing this collection and from what i gathered so far, the event chain is bugged and has been bugged for quite a while.The only thing i have found from guild wars2 reddit was that on a fresh new map the event chain might not bug. So your best luck is after a patch or server reset time maybe.

I want to add that the other collection item : assassinate Captain Wiley seems buggy to me.

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Hi there, this event is still bugged. The Agents just stand around and do nothing. You can neither force the Veteran Grawl Commander out of his cave nor does the Agents do anything to activate Champion Frainn. I would highly appreciate if this bug gets fixed because this champion is the last thing missing to "The Hunter" for me.Cheers

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me again. Since this bug is in the "Known Issue Tracker" as investigating, we can hope it will be resolved soon. But in the meanwhile i wanted to share how i worked around it.If you are on a Timberland Falls map where this event is bugged, use the command "/ip" and remember the last digits, e.g. x.x.x.06:00. Thats your map instance where this event is bugged. Now you can either look for a group in LFG that is in Timberland Falls and can join their map instance (if not the same) or just ask some friends to teleport in the map and check via ip if they are in the same map instance. If not, go to theirs and see if the event chain is active. But be prepared that this might take awhile. There is nothing happening in Timerberland Falls and therefore there are not alot of map instances. Took me over a day to find another map instance via a friend.Cheers

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It's honestly not any more bugged than any more than any other event on any map that hasn't refreshed: sometimes, stuff goes wrong and NPCs stall or something fails to trigger, However, it's still possible to do this event. Every time I've needed to do it, as well as plenty of times I was just in the area for something else, I've managed to get credit.

You only need it to work once, so focus on getting to the map for that one time. Here are a couple of techniques:

  • Park a toon anywhere along the route of the event chain. If you have mounts, you can get to Frainn's location, so I recommend that.
  • Whenever you have a free 5 minutes or so, swap to that character. If the event is up (or nearly so), great. If not...
  • Check the description of the meta event in the upper right of your UI. It should indicate some level of progress if it's up. If so, great, head to the location it's at and follow it through. If not...
  • Swap back to your other characters and come back later. Don't wait around; you've got better things to do.

In addition, you can increase the chances that you'll get the event on the first try or so by getting in a freshly created instance or another from the one you usually get as follows:

  • Immediately after a patch, the map will be completely new; this is ideal.
  • During & immediately after the Ley-line Anomaly spawns in Timberline; this is nearly idea.
  • Any day that has Timberline Falls as a 4-event daily, the map is likely to generate extra instances; this is pretty good.
  • After reset, maps can sometimes spawn extra instances; this is hit & miss.
  • When guilds commonly do g-mish, i.e. weekends, just before and after reset.
  • Check LFG for someone doing it.

Of the 7 times I've killed Frainn this year:

  • 4 times, he was up when I spawned into the map (once, someone had done the pre-events and left him alone, so he'd been up for a bit).
  • 3 times, the pre-events were in progress, so I helped out with those (and announced in LFG).
  • In 5 of the cases, I also announced in /map.

Out of all 7 events, despite my attempts to include others, a total of 5 people joined me; usually I was alone.

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Despite my belief that it's a lot easier to reach Frainn (for the collections) than the threads indicate, I really do wish ANet would take some time to make a few changes:

Cosmetic: changes to how the game reports, not in how the events work:

  • Clarify the status of event chains. There's downtime between events that isn't indicated in the HUD/UI, so it's easy to believe that an event is stalled when it's in a scripted pause.
  • Similarly, do a better job of conveying the cooldown between last success (or last failure) and restarting of the chain. This is mildly bad for Frainn/Ouoo, and appalling in Orr, since the cooldown might be hours (or so it seems).
  • Alternatively, provide an NPC who can be queried to report on the state (as you draw near), e.g. "the grawl in the north have been defeated; we're waiting 10 minutes for the Pact Agents to arrive at the campsite."

Minor: addition to the event trigger, rather than a change:

  • Add NPCs that can speed up the timing.
  • Alternatively, for event chains that encompass large areas, offer NPCs that will teleport the player to the current or next event. In this case, one can be 2-3 waypoints away from the action without realizing it. This would also make it easier for people to do pre-events without worrying that they can't make it back in time.

And of course, lots of people want the nuclear option of forced map closures and so on or total overhaul of the events to reduce the likelihood of collection-stopping stalls. I'm hoping there are more modest suggestions that will get the job done.

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2 years passed, and apparently this event is still hard to trigger. I'm waiting now for 85 minutes, I completed the same dredges event several times, there was even a leyline anomaly, but I don't know what to do to start this chained event (and I see other players entering the cave where the veteran Grawl is supposed to spawn).

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And here it is 2020 and I'm still waiting. I need the events and to kill Frainn to progress in my Legendary Weapon crafting collection. I've been checking the area numerous times for days. Why is this so hard to fix?

Edit: And.... never mind. As soon as I posted this and switched back to the game, there it was in progress. Still seems buggy, though.

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