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RESET!! Will your server have a queue?

Strider Pj.2193

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@Strider Pj.2193 said:

And I mean on more than one Map (looking at YOU Mag and EBG ).

See, there's the BG disconnect in action


Most nights the only queue for mag is on EBG. Not knocking it, just noting it.

Usually we'll have a BL or two qued when guilds are running, otherwise EBG is qued during NA and EU almost without fail.I only know of 2 or 3 people that got banned, so I doubt it's going to really affect Mag in any way.

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It was only 1500 and in the grand scheme of things, that's not a whole lot. If you assume that every one of them was a wvwer and that they all resided on a certain server or a certain set of servers, then yes it would affect ques tonight, but i doubt that's going to be the case. If it is though, it kind of puts a black mark on an entire server and that's not really something to celebrate, considering its a temporary suspension and those players will be coming back when everyone is guestimating restructure will roll out.

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Wvw population is bigger than people think, like people keep thinking alliances will take up entire worlds.Nothing happened to the queues, business as usual.

Ded game is a running joke, but it's not like population hasn't taken a huge hit since year one, you have to be blind, buried your head in your own server sand, or new not to see it, 2 hours of full queues after a reset is a joke compared to having full queues almost the entire week we use to have, plus servers folded in half to get numbers right before HoT. Numbers will continue to decline as combat and meta continues to be a mess and the rest of the ppt game mode becomes more stale.

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