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Has something been inadvertently tweaked?

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I am not sure about the rest of you, but for some reason, after the update on the 24th, it feels like my characters are harder to play than before. I have a level 80 Reaper, who, before the update on the 24th, could handle her fair share of mobs and other attacking denizens, regardless of the map she was on. Now it seems, she dies too quickly despite having 2,424 Armor rating, and she doesn't feel like she does the damage she did before the update, and she has an attack rating of 1,922. It isn't limited to just her. I have a level 34 Norn Revenant who used to handle the Sons of Svanir with ease on Wayfarer Foothills map, now, two or three of them drop her as if she has no armor on and she can barely do enough damage to drop one of them. I understand that characters on certain maps will have their levels scaled to match but this is beyond scaling. This feels like somehow the character mechanics were broken during that update. As in the case with my Reaper, before, she was routinely doing 5-6k damage to mobs, now she is lucky to do 2-3k damage. Please tell me I am not the only one to notice this change.

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Did you upgrade the lvl 34 character's equipment lately? As you level up, you will be scaled to the zone level you are currently in. This includes your equipment values being scaled according to your current level. If you don't replace said equipment it will contribute less the more character levels you gain, making you effectively weaker in the long run (until you replace it with level-appropriate gear).

For example, if your norn got a full set of level 20 weapons and armors at level 20, scaling would take the full stats of your equipment into account at that moment. Once you reach level 30, scaling would assume you'd have decent level 30 equipment available and scale your equipment stats proportional to what could be available to you. If you still wear your level 20 equipment, it would contribute significantly less to your scaled strength than it did at level 20.

Personally, I tend to often forget about upgrading equipment while leveling (to the point of where I sometimes find a fresh level 80 still wearing level 20 jewellery ;) ). If I end up at a point where my character feels considerably weaker during leveling than they should, checking equipment levels is usually my first go-to, and most of the time the culprit is right there. Replacing stuff (with cheap/dropped green gear) every 10 levels during leveling has proven beneficial for me, especially with classes I don't have a lot of experience with.

Now for the level 80, do you still play in the same areas and against the same kinds of mobs that you did before? I know some areas/mob abilities have caught me by surprise (and still do) sometimes. For example, going from core maps to Verdant Brink (HoT) for the first time made me wonder if I had totally forgotten how to play my classes. Sometimes it's just a question of getting used to different kinds of enemies and their attack patterns for a bit.

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I think some differences one may notice and not realize is that down scaling can mess some stuff up. Generally, a level 80 will be somewhat OP when down-scaled but some builds/armor configs on Professions do not scale in some sub-80 areas in favorable way.

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