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[Suggestions] Mount races in Core maps

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I'm thinking recently about adding mount races in Core maps - one that would be accessible for F2P players with temporary mount, for a duration of race. Especially skimmer races could look cool in Queensdale, Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Harathi Hinterlands or Bloodtide Coast (last one just screams for some grand prix)

Give it a 2 weeks rotation between maps (so people wouldn't get bored), mounts of choice (so F2P folks wouldn't be limited to raptors only as in Wintersday and Lunar festival races around Divinity), some rewards (maybe material boxes in regular races and Mystic Coin in grand prix variant) and slot in daily as an alternative to other tasks.

Of course implementing this would take a time and efforts but Core maps would get something that could compete with PoF bounties and PoF would get a free promotion of its main feature - mounts.

Also, mount races connected to guild missions (instanced if possible or as kind of contest with other guilds - by designated member of guild team or whole team) could serve another content by low cost. I think it's worth working on this feature.

Example - Queensdale skimmer race with 2 track variants

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I'd love that. :D I really like the mount races and I think some of the core maps would be brilliant for mount races.

Sadly I think it's unlikely because Anet have said previously they don't want to add expansion content to core maps (that's why they didn't add updrafts or ley lines to core maps when gliding was enabled) but if they were willing to do it that would be great.

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@"DarcShriek.5829" said:If you want to enjoy the features of PoF, why not buy PoF? Give the devs the credit they deserve. Don’t just demand more free stuff

I actually think that giving a free taste of racing to newcomers will be beneficial to the source material on the long run. Kinda like competitive games offer a free rotation of characters when they want you to buy (be it with money or in-game currency) all of them eventually.

Races could require "for rent" mounts for example, that players without them unlocked could pay some amount to use (50s, 1g, more? I don't know but around these prices seem fine). They could be on a weekly rotation and people would participate there just like race events in PoF.

Also, by all means, the race events are NOT dead in PoF. It is actually a common thought from the farming players that EVERYTHING is dead in PoF, but really, it's just that there is so much non-meta content to do that the people doing it are just far too spread out. But don't be fooled, there is a lot going on in PoF maps, including the races. Also bear in mind that the dynamic racing events are constantly and the probability that you pass by one that is not being used at the moment is very very high, which doesn't mean they are never being done. The only limitations for this I can think of is how much a developer would have to work to actually pull it off.

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