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Event week: Lords Gone Mad


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@Ryudnard.2587 said:

  • All doors removed
  • Lords have x 10 HP and Damage
  • Sieging down walls will grant the Lords permanent Vulnerability (1% per each wall)

mmm... lords in a zerg of 25 go wave per wave rvery 10 mins per side until the place is filled.

lead your lord to victory. all sides has all lords of their sides.

each side will have 1 sm lord 1 keep lord 4 tower lords 2 camps and a set no. of npc. march into the middle open field to be the king of the hill.

to claim victory, your sm lord must remain alive. if he dies, you are eliminated for the round.

only players can kill lords

lords can damage all but not kill other lords but cannot kill the sm lord.

requires a minimum of 25 players to summon.

the sm lord will follow the commander with the most squd members. they will also attack the ones with the most.

all other lords, will follow but squirel on random enemies.

veterans will march like creeps in dota.


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