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Any reason to get deluxe or ultimate PoF?

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So, first off... I left GW2 back when they released HoT... because $50 was just too much. That, together with no added character slot, and I was done.

Now here I see that they have dropped the price of the expansions to $30 for the standard... and I can get both of them for $50... and there is the 30% sale atm.. I think it would be worth getting both for $35... but now my question is... is there any reason I should shell out an extra $20 and get the Deluxe PoF?

If I want an extra character slot, I'm either going to have to pay the $20 to upgrade to Deluxe, or just spend $10 for a straight up extra character slot.

The ultimate edition comes with everything in the Deluxe, but also 4,000 gems... but doesn't qualify for the 30% discount... so that isn't worth it. We're talking $35 for both exp and pay $10 for a character slot, compared to $100 for both exp, a character slot and $50 worth of gems.... eh.... no

Sunspear Outfit?Lily of the Elon pass?Identity repair kit?are those (together with a character slot) worth $20 more to get the Deluxe?

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Sunspear outfit, not really.Lily of the Elon, it has its uses. For me I use it to jump chars to those maps without doing the story first. However if you only play one char then that’s not a consideration.Identify repair kit, depends on if it’s something you would use.

From how you phrase things I think the Standard would be the best option for you. If you don’t want to pay $10 for the character slot you can farm gold and exchange the gold for gems.

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Get the standard, unless you had already planned to buy the gems and the identity kit. The extra character slot might be nice, added with the other two things, but that's up to you. The outfit is okay, but very plain, though I haven't seen it on females yet.

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Since you already have made up your mind, I just want to comment my opinion too aswell.

Identity repair: If you want to give your character a new name or a new look, this is worth it. I went straight ahead to give 1 character an Elonian make-over. But that's just me, :tongue: I also gave in total 6 out of my human characters an Elonian look just because I love the theme!Sunspear Outfit: If you are liking the lore and the Sunspear, specially Paragons, this is the perfect outfit for you. I simply love it since it reminds me so much of the Sunspear Paragons back in the old good days.Lily of the Elon pass: It's a beautiful VIP Place and you can use it to get all of your characters into Elona for free without doing story again.Additional character slot: Yes, yes and yes! Who don't like create more characters?!

And getting 4,000 gems extra is just nice too!It's worth it. :)

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I share here how would be my thinking if it would be for me:

  • Sunspear outfit: I use outfit a lot, but.... I do not like much that one, meaning that I will never use it. So, in my case: No-added values, will not be used.
  • Identify Repair Kit: I get regularly total makeover kits ingame, and have some reserve. The contract to change name is something I have no use for, because I chose names of my toons carefully, linked to personal stuff. Would never change those. So, in my case: no-added value for me, will not be used.
  • Lily of Elona Pass: If I would not already have it, that would be THE thing for me. This is cost free map travelling to PoF. I have all other passes/scrolls that type, and use them continuously on a daily basis. I could no more "live" without them. So, in my case: Big added value, will be used all the time.
  • Additional Char Slot: Always welcome, because I am creating regularly, but I have enough slots in reserve already. So, in my case: No added value, will not be used.

All in all, it means that - for me personally - the additional amount of money would be the price for getting the Lily of Elon Pass. The decision would therefore be cut-down to: Do I want to pay 20$ more for the pass, taking into account that it is the only way to get it (I don't recall that we can get it on TP, and if we can, I don't know for how many gems, so I cannot compare prices).

I am sorry, it was a bit long now. I just wanted to share how I would do the whole thinking to take my decision. Maybe it will help OP to follow the same type of thinking, allowing to identify what would really cover the additional 20$ in his own case. :)

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I used the outfit a little - good if you like the style. I have used Lily of Elon pass regularly, mistlock pass is slightly better in terms of facilities (access to fractals and smaller size) but Lily is easier to leave as it is in the main world map rather than an instance. I don't like the story quests so being able to jump characters past PoF intro is great too.

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