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Specialisation weapon on wrong character, help!

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Dear fellow players,

After several years of being away from gw2, i returned, and went straight to my trusty old mesmer to train the mirage elite spec and to get a mount. I just wanted to quickly try these, then get back to leveling a char from scratch, to make it a wholesame experience.

Now, my precious new character, also a mesmer (I really needed a mesmer main, but with a new race this time), is unable to get Mirage axe, because it is soulbound to my other mesmer, a character I will only keep for nostaliga, and will not play with again.

And now I feel like my new character is left without a signature weapon.

Is it possible to get a similar quality weapon then transmog it?

Thank you!

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@zallesz.1650 said:Is it possible to get a similar quality weapon then transmog it?

GW2 gear is very, very simple, mechanically. All exotic weapons with the same stat combination have the exact same values. Likewise, all ascended weapons.

So, yes, you absolutely can get an identical weapon, and transmog it to the specific appearance, and it will be literally identical in mechanical power.

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@"Brother.1504" said:When your by yourself, you’ll know, deep, deep down, that it’s not the same axe. ?

You are so right. That is exactly my "problem". But it is such a first world problem that I can get over it.(Though I kinda switched mains in disappointment...)

@Pretty Pixie.8603 said:Also, if you complete the Elite Spec weapon collection for mirage, you get a fancier ascended version of that axe. That one will be account bound.

Thanks, I also didn't know that!

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