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Are there any third party programs that can boost fps/performance?


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A game-booster could probably do the trick. Those are special programs which optimize all your resource-distribution for gaming. Most take care of ram-eaters, some are also capable of "borrowing" resources from windows itself. The big problem is, you cannot spend resources twice. So when you allow a game-booster to optimize your game-experience, your regular system-performance will decrease (extended loading times, lagg). Lucky for the users, you can often launch a game through the software (like with steam) and/or press a "Boost"-button. So if you shut down the game or turn off the button, your system performance should return to normal.

Here are a few:Razer Cortex: Game Booster (freeware), Avira Game Booster (included in some purchasable avira products), Wise Game Booster (freeware),

I would not consider them 3rd party software towards GW2, more like system-optimization-tools.

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If you have a laptop maybe check at a laptop cooling pad. I used to use one with my gaming laptop as did one of my friends. It helps circulate cool air and keep the heat down. This helps from overheating as laptops can get very hot with limited air circulation.

Make sure no other programs are running in the background. Get a game booster its the easiest method to optimize the running services and programs as HnRkLnXqZ.1870 said.

This all might help a little and ensure all processing power is going to the game.

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