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(1): +25 Toughness(2): +10% Burning Duration(3): +50 Toughness(4): +20% Burning Duration(5): +100 Toughness(6): +20% burning duration; when struck below 75% health, gain fire shield for 4 seconds.

with no ICD? you know tempest's heal multiple thousands when they get a barrier right?

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@ThiBash.5634 said:

@zencow.3651 said:The cooldown in game is 20s cd.That's actually pretty decent. When traited with Elemental Bastion, you get healed right back up when you go below 75%. Every 20 seconds.

Depending on the format, Rune of the Tempest gives a much better heal at 1,100 + 1.0 x healing power per stun break with no ICD (though it would be more accurate to judge it as once every 15 seconds or so on Tempest given that opportunity to overload and being CC'ed don't always coincide favourably)

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This run could be decent if tempest didn't reasonably need about 4 trait lines to make a truly supportive build work:

  • Tempest needed for heal on aura + improved prot
  • Earth or arcana to get prot and not instadie vs. power
  • Water for heals, maybe cleanses, or aura-share
  • Fire for cleanses

They really need to make aura-share inherent in tempest (combine speedy conduit and hardy conduit into one, so overloads are usable, then make powerful auras take the master tier minor spot. Or, move invigorating torrents down to adept and swap powerful aura into the master tier slot). This would make water less needed, but still an obvious choice for heals (soothing mist + healing effectiveness + heal on swap is really strong)

Fire should then have pyromancer's puissance changed to share might you gain with your team-mates. Conjurer could even be the old aura trait, that makes auras give you might, instead of some worthless trait that decreases the skills of conjures (but not the CD or add anything useful like a stunbreak).

As it is, tempest just doesn't really do enough compared to firebrand, which does more damage, more heals, more resses, gives more might, cleanses more conditions, and survives on it own better.

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