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Bug Reports: LWS4 Episode 5: All or Nothing

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Rhoban's Priory Scan guns bug out if you are on story step "Test the power of the Dragonsblood weapons against the branded."

Steps to replicate:

  1. Grab a Scan gun - do NOT complete heart
  2. Complete story step "Forge Dragon's blood weapon" it will direct you to the Deldrimor Ruins
  3. Go back to Deldrimor Ruins to complete Renowned Heart and Story step at the same time
  4. The Priory will not permit you to grab a new Scan Gun or interact with dig sites. Although you have the Dragonsblood Weapons equipped; the NPCs think you have the Scan guns equipped

Workaround -- Logout to different character/Login to glitched character and pick up a scan gun. You will be able to complete the heart but you will lose the Dragonsblood weapon. Once you finish the Renowned Heart, go back to The Forge and you can pick up the Spear again for the story


Edited to add spoiler tags

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@Rumil.1630 said:Is their no Home instance node or did i just missed it? It doesn't seem to apear on the Vendor for me :o

There is a new node, but somehow not visible to everyone. My theory is that it is only visible to players who have NOT farmed their home instance yet... so check again after daily reset and i think the node will be buyable.

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