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[Idea] Waypoint on the moving airship in Dragonfall

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@Donari.5237 said:Besides removing the point of the achieve, there might be mechanical issues. The game can sync the character to a moving platform, which is nifty, but can it do it during a loading screen? Some people don't instantly load in.

People teleport-to-friend to the airship just fine.The game actually registers your position some time before you can actually move around.

That said, I doubt if ANet wants to remove the two achievements associated with reaching the airship on one's own:

  • The actual achievement in the game.
  • The thrill some people have of figuring out how to get up up and away without help.

Plus, with the shrines that unlock during the end of the meta event chain(s), I can't see any compelling reason why we 'need' a waypoint up there. And finally: it would make map completion really annoying for more people than would make good use of a fifth WP on the map.

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But waypoints don't unlock until you get close to them, so you'd have to be on the airship to unlock the waypoint (especially if they put it inside the ship like the one in Bloodstone Fen.)

Meaning this wouldn't make the achievement any easier to get, it would only help with returning to the airship after you've been there once.

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