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New to warrior , have questions


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Hello all. I am rolling a warrior. The fantasy and flavor of a high damaging invulnerable damage dealer sounds good, as well as being able to do shouts and supports with war horn and banners and buffs.

Ok...so i haven't played a warrior since 2015 or 2014 ? i don't remember when the last time i played warrior.

I remember doing queen's dale champion runs for leveling and loot.

NOW ...is greatsword still a thing ? Is a beastly power weapon ? I played an engineer not too long ago and it seems that spellthiefs are meta. That is nice, but i am old fashioned and love my great sword.

Also i haven't tried berserker. Are they decent damage and viable in spvp / wvw / soloing for meta maps ?

I also remember bow condi but i am not very interested in bow. Bow seems fun but i don't like having to split between condi spec and power spec on my gear with weapon swap.

I know spellthiefs are useful for a "bubble" in wvw. Not sure what that is, but sounds fun. I think it absorbs projectiles.

I also want to know how dual axes are. Do they do decent damage ?

I am not interested in shield or mace, as in 2014ish those weapons were useless for pvp.

I also don't want to do fractals or raids. Maybe classic world dungeons i will do.

Can i safely go berserker statline and use stances to cheese damage ?Or should i go mauraders statline?

How is horn support warrior ? is it viable or a dead spec ?

For leveling i want to use greatsword, but it's just an old habit. I probably should unlock spellthief and make it my main spec.

Any ways thanks for all the tips and advice. I tossed my engineer in the trash, and want to main warrior. Probably going to be a charr. Thanks warrior community, cheers :)

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Berserker can do very high power DPS with greatsword, rifle, and axe while in Berserk Mode. They do fairly well while roaming in WvW and in PvE. I cannot speak to PvP. Axe/Axe got an overhaul some time ago since you last played a warrior and is the higher DPS weapon spec a warrior can use. Axe 5 will do more damage than 100 Blades on greatsword.

If you are running any dungeon, raid, or fractal then a mace/shield set will be needed for breakbars. Warhorn is trash.

If you plan on running a Spellbreaker, then greatsword/Hammer would be a great weapon layout.

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Gs is meta in pvp and wvw roaming, some play it in zergs aswell, for pve im not sure, i never play pve really.

Shield is pretty much meta in pvp aswell, because block and stun is quite usefull.

Most ppl play spellbreaker in pvp and wvw, while i believe bersrker is the go to in pve nowadays, but thee im not sure again.

Axe/axe has great dmg, thus is good for pve.

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