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Giving up freedom for balance ?


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Just an ideaInstead of every one uses the amulet they want

Class specific amulets

For example every class can chooseOffensiveDefensiveSupportCondition offense

For every class those amulets would have different stats so they would fit to create 4 workable builds

Can be more amulets but the idea is

A offensive amulet for thief gives different stats than an offensive amulet for Mesmer

That way class changes can be made with amulets who are costume made for class X

Hope it’s understandable what I mean

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a try to avoid OP builds which manage it in the past to delete amulets (celestial)

diversity could be if anet work together with the player 5 guarantee working builds each class

but yes exotic builds would die off

@Exedore.6320 said:That's the current de-facto state. Explicitly limiting choices wouldn't alter anything. It would likely make the problem worse, as ANet has a track record of picking bad builds as defaults.

hmm perhaps that's the biggest issue with my idea

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I feel hp and armor should be standardized between all classes in pvp. lets say 14000hp and armor 2000. Then each person gets a set number of points to distribute however they please. This will create some intresting specs and make it so everyone is on a even playing feild when it comes to standards or equality between classes like a necro that has a starting hp of almost 30k with full ahroud and a ele with 11.9k, and a warrior that has 20k hp and 2.5k armor and a thf that has 11.6k hp and 1.9k armor. This inequality between classes further separates the competitive nature of this game.

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No thanks. Even with the choices we have now, the imbalances usually only amount to a handful of things per class that just don't get fixed for months on end. There's no need to dumb the game down even more. All that the game needs is a close eye kept on what builds allow players to do too much and a relatively quick response time to that knowledge.

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