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Here is the macro policy from the sticky:

MacrosGuild Wars 2 players are permitted to use macros as long as the macros are programmed with a one-to-one function protocol. This means the following:If you program a macro, it must require one keystroke per action. You may not program a single key to perform multiple functions. For example, if you Press A and it results in the casting of a single skill, you're ok. If you Press A and it casts multiple spells, you're not ok.You cannot program a macro to perform the same or multiple actions on more than one account at a time.You cannot program an "auto-clicker" macro that, for instance, opens chests while you play elsewhere, or that opens a quantity of chests with a single click.NOTE: We make an exception for macros used for music composition or musical performances. As long as a player employs such a macro solely for the performance of in-game music, we do not place restrictions on its use.

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4 hours ago, Melech.4308 said:

What about using macros to switch between build and equipment templates?

So, if I am correct (and I am not 100% certain I am), there are key bind options for each, which means you would need two button presses.  One to swap to the build, one to swap to the equipment.  



In this wiki page, it shows that you can key bind to templates, but again, you’d need one for Build and one for equipment.

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Found Wiki article supporting my thoughts.
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