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Idea: new Feature, Skyscale Bomber: an Event that transform players into a attacking Skyscale unit


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New feature idea

Skyscale Bombers.

Its a temporary event that triggers like a meta event on a timer. Players have to kill players which drops a special Skyscale food supply, that you have to carry back to your main base. Once this objective is completed, each of your faction's controlled structures will spawn 1 Skyscale bombers.

These skyscales function different from the Skyscale mount.

You still fully control it, but its fixed permanently at 600 unit hovering above the ground, and has its own attack abilities. Does great AoE damage and CC but not immune to damage.

Its like a mobile siege of its own instead of a mount, Hope that makes sense to understand. Just looks like a Skyscale visually, but mechanically different.

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