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Can You Unlock The Skyscale Using Multiple Characters?

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I have completed War Eternal and most of the achievements on one character. I am about to start Saving Skyscales now but was wondering if I have to continue using that same character or can I switch to a different class to finish the unlock?Thanks in advance :)

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I think parts of the collection have to be done on the same character once you get started but I can't recall exactly.

Edit: Here is more explanation from Danikat a few months ago:


When you get to the time-gated steps, where you need to wait for mail from Gorrik to unlock the next collection, you will need to log into the character who started the first collection to get it. But once the collection is unlocked any character can contribute to it because they work like normal achievements.

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I did it using multiple characters, although oddly any buff you receive (like almorahs directive) will only deactivate on the character you do the achievement on.

In fact, I think it's a good idea to park a character by gorrik while you do the achievements for easy access. This character doesn't need to complete ep 6 to interact with gorrik, but they cant fly the temp skyscales.

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