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Ghosts in WVW


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@"Luranni.9470" said:Yep last month or so, but not just mounted. Enemies/friendlies, mounted/unmounted... Just see flashes of them then gone. There is however a more "solid" desync ghost that is always mounted but you cant hit it. Seeing a lot more desync in general tbh.

oh seen lots or this. or my toon according to my raid group is floating around like gliding.

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@RangerThings.9810 said:Agree, last month or so I see stationary mounted enemies. I'll unload some burst CDs to try to dismount before noticing they're about 5000 units away by then.Thats slightly different than the ghost pop up though.

What you describe is complete desync that takes quite a while to correct (on death is one way), happens on regular players as well. Often seen in downstate where you cant hit downed, or dollys you cant hit... Because they arent there, they are somewhere else. You can track them down with a projectile weapon.

The mounted ghosts just pops up a fraction of a second often in movement (such as a leap). Guessing this is the game somehow failing to know the location of the mounted player so it quickly renders the mount in the direction of the actual location before it corrects it. In fact I think its similar glitch to the planar zerg fireworks bug we had a while ago, just way rarer.

But thats just my highly untechnical opinion and interpretation, could be something completely different.

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