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Question About Druid

Lotus Bane.9387

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Hi there,

Being someone who tends to naturally be a healer and "bard" type character in games, I was curious if druid is worth playing for open world/boss fights/sometimes conquest? I see there tends to be a lot of complaints about it on these forums, and I do not see too many in-game. I tried Soulbeast and unfortunately I am not a major fan of it. I know druid is not a major damage dealer, but it would not be too great if I was just tickling a random Warthog.

It was also to my understanding there was a change that when you heal someone tagging mobs, you get the credit of tagging the mobs as well? Is that still ongoing?


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You can run druid totally fine in openworld.There is a decent CC bleed hybrid setup that deals quite effectively with mops and can have decent sustain.But for your supporting bard-like character I would recommend mesmer-chronomancer or guardian-firebrand which fit the theme in a way better angle and are currently more valuable in your mentioned game areas.

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As someone who also tends to play that style of character Druid definitely fits, and can operate well in the game modes you mentioned.

However, if you’re looking for a hyper focus on support (or more defensive support) I would 100% recommend going Firebrand over Druid, since it performs better in conquest and I’d argue also PvE due to being able to use the diviner set of gear.

Chronomancer is also good overall, but I know a lot of people hate the recent changes to it, so your mileage may vary on that one.

There’s also tempest which you may want to check out too, im not sure on its current viability in PvP, but in PvE it’s still in a great spot, and has the added benefit of actually using a horn and shouts as a sort of elemental bard style of character. I would highly recommend it for just generic open world, it is very fun if you ask me.

EDIT: Wanted to just add on, that yes you do still get credit towards events and mob kills from buffs. But it requires a certain amount, so it’s typically easier to just like, throw your axe auto or axe 2 skill out to tag mobs which still works just fine than it is to try and rely on healing and buffs to get you credit.

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Don't take druid into PvP, that's just asking to get murdered. As for PvE, druid can be quite a fun option. You get some massive heals and the ability to easily cap 10 people around you on might stacks. I rarely run it in open world unless I've just come from raids and haven't changed back to a dps build, but it does help a nice amount to have healers in world boss events.

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Druids are horrible right now. I mained druid for the longest time, and I love the theme so much. I tried to make it fun for so long in open world and fractals with so many different builds, did word completion and all my story quests on it, but the class itself feels very limiting. It’s damage is weak, and it can’t scale well due to the pet. The heals are slow and weaker than other classes, and its utility is limited now after all the nerfs.

I stayed with druid for so long and have advocated for it hoping that it’ll get some love one day, but have recently switched over to firebrand because honestly I don’t think anyone at anet even cares about druid anymore. For once I don’t have to feel frustrated about being neglected. The firebrand is just way more fun, fluid, and has a lot more utility. I am actually dealing some real damage now, and the team supports are more active rather than passive. It has way more build paths and the traits and synergy actually feel powerful.

You can try to make druids if you really want to, but honestly just avoid the frustration and build an elementalist if u want to heal a lot or firebrand or renegade if you want to support while dealing damage or have hybrid healing. They’re just more fun and more sought after in any content outside of raids.

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