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More summoning Runes and Sigils please

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Dear ANetAny chance of more runes and sigils that summon an ally?

At the moment we have 2, that I'm aware of.The Ogre one, that summons a Rock Dog, and the one you can get in Lion's Arch that summons an Inquest Golem.

We used to have a 25 charge Sigil that summoned an undead harpy like creature.It was removed. Could have been left for pve only.

I'd like more of the type please folks.Maybe do one that summons a random wild (Non Ranger Pet) creature when you have a full set of 6 Runes, or a 25 charge Sigil that has the same effect.

Including the existing Rock Dog.Also may consider the following.

● Raptor● Harpy● Wind Rider● River Skale● Small Karka

Thanks guys.

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WvW is a whole different story.They should have a different effect other than summoning anything in competitive modes.However, I don't think it would make much difference to be honest.It would be more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage for the user.

Everytime I play WvW, I always see Ranger pets and Necro minions getting killed too quick.Almost useless, actually.

The only think they're good for is too create a little decoy to divert enemy's attention for a few seconds.Oh, and that goes for mesmer clones too.

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