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Removing CC Portion Of Skill vs Its Damage


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Are there options to remove the CC portion of some of the abilities across classes versus their condi or damage? Examples like Bulls Charge, remove the knockdown bring back the damage. This ability was also a gap closer. Another example might be spike trap on ranger. Remove the launch and return the condi.

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They need to make CC less oppressive.

It's evidently clear after a few days that one other build besides condi bunker is doing very well, and that is CC spam builds.

They can lock someone down after their pathetic minute long cooldown stunbreaks and continue to lock them down while using auto attacks to kill.

Some are even Condi builds which makes things worse.

CC needs to be toned down and CC chaining needs to have some sort of diminishing effect so it isn't just spammed and cclocking other players.

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@Jski.6180 said:They should of realty put more though into that on some of the skills as they where main chose of dmg and less cc tools for the respected classes.

This is exactly where this post stems from. Taking Bull's Charge and Spike trap as samples, when Bull's Charge damage was reduced in the past it didn't always make the cut to be used. Spike trap was used less for the launch and more for the bleed. The launch was a value-add especially when traited with Druid and root that it brought along.

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They need to split cc made for interupt and hard cc... Right now all we have is hard cc with 1sec+ duration of all types. If 80% of that hard cc is made to just 1/4 daze interupt purposes than it could have dmg back (for example dmg of auttoattack+short daze for interupt). Right now cc which is usally reducing spam is spammed and thats problem. If cc skills are reworked for 1/4 daze interupt and keep few hard cc per class than we could have dmg back. Hard cc is not reducing spam and is spammed which because there is no line between interupts and locking targets since each cc is too long duration. If its mostly reworked in fast daze for interupt than we would also not need to take 2-3 stunbreaks as must.

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