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Tips using mesmer pls


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ive been asking arround the map for some mesmer tips. most of them told me to use this kinda weapons and all. it helps me. but i need more tips. what utility skills should i use? what traits? how to use them? mesmer is most difficult class to understand for me. is there a trick to play it? ive been watching some yt videos to kind of figure it out. but anet just make some big changes with the latest update so im not sure the build will be the same. im still at lv 20is with my mesmer now. its kinda hard to get arround the map and doing story. so please any tips will help me

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It’s been forever since I’ve contributed here, so here goes:

Staff-X/x = perfect for getting the hang of the mechanicsGs-x/x = for advanced users only

Edit: There’s no trick, Mesmer is more of a feel. It requires understanding of combat flow in GW2 barred none.

Thief of old maybe, defo not the diluted, ez mode variant they are running now.

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Hi, GZ on becoming a mesmer!It is one of the harder classes to level up from 1.Rule no 1: It's a game and play what you like. There are different core mesmer play styles, try them all and see what you like. (Heck you might like them all)

Basic weapon mechanics for core mesmer:Melee - main hand sword. If you like getting into the mix face to face.Range - Staff/ GS/ Scepter. If you like fighting from a distance.Note-You can do both via weapon swaps.

As for traiting and builds - in open world leveling, my advice is to go with power if you can. The mobs in open world core Tyria pve don't move and attack fast enough to make condi builds optimal, especially if you're new to GW2 combat. It's better to simply Power them down with Greatsword/Sword and shatters. Focus on gathering power based weapons and armor. For traits, The domination, chaos and illusions lines can make for nice power heavy combos. On the utility bar, anything that makes a clone or phantasm helps pump out shatter fodder and gives you unique capabilities in combat. There are ways to play the mez that use mantras and sigils but imho, you should focus on the shatter mechanic first and then experimenting with mantras and signets. Eventually, you can combo them all.

I don't know how much experience you have with GW2 combat but mesmers are especially tricky because of the clone and shatter mechanics. You sort of have your own little minions that you can control to an extent and they are different. Learn to make use of them as early as possible. Trying to explain it all and the combos possible would require a book. So I offer to you one of the guides I've always pointed new mesmers to on Youtube. Phillip does a great job explaining the basics of the class:

It's a little dated but for core mesmer, I still think very relevant and you get a preview of the first elite spec, Chronomancer. (Which has been reworked by anet)


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Mesmer plays differently in PvP and PvE. I don’t PvP so I have nothing to contribute there.

IMHO, PvE power mesmer (note - not mirage) is actually really basic to play. It can very easily be dumbed down into phantasms = dmg, else: autoattack. Got clones? Hit F1 (it doesn’t really matter too much if it’s 1/2/3 clones, as long as it’s not 0).

Condi is currently pretty bad for core mesmer, so its not really an option unless looking into mirage. Hence, I find no need discuss its playstyle.

GS is a trap for core mesmer. Pre-patch it was a very trash weapon, now it’s a bit less trashy but it’s still trash. I get sad everytime it gets suggested outside of pChrono (reason: the weapon was carried by its phantasm(s) + Chronophantasma). Sw/Sw Sw/F was and still is many times better, and it even teaches good melee habits since it doesn’t allow horribly inefficient pewpewing from range (another trap for non-exp players).

Now that you know that you just want to spam phantasms > autoattack (and press F1 where applicable), we optimise this by taking SoE (Signet of Ether) to reset phantasms, Disenchanter cuz it’s a phantasm that deals big dmg, MoP (Mantra of Pain) cuz it’s free dmg that doesn’t interrupt our priorities, and Mirror Images for free insta-clones so we can happily F1 away.

Obviously it’s slightly a bit more intricate than that, but not by much (adding in sword #2 & #3 etc).

Traiting preferences vary from person to person, but I’d go for the path of most +dmg (so fights are less of a slog) which for mesmer is (1) domination 2-2-1, (2) dueling 1-3-1 and then (3) illusions 1-2-1, which coincidently lands you in the best endgame core mesmer build.

Mesmer is actually one of the better core classes to stand with current power levels of the especs in PvE, so the belief that it is hard to level is somewhat outdated (the only problem I find with it is that it is mind-numbingly slow at travelling).

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Openworld ez farming is to simply use Greatsword and kite.It really doesn't get any easier than that.

For Utilities, grab all the Signets first, they are extremely strong for low level and easy to use.

Then for levelling, pick up Domination first, followed by Dueling to make yur life easier.

Upon hitting 80 is when yu start looking at guides and stuff for the content yu wanna run.I suggest actually levelling Mesmer to get a hang of it before asking the forums for in depth mechanics and builds for raids/pvp/wvw because high chance yur not gonna know what they are talking about unless yu have actually played Mesmer before.

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When you are in the game, click ESC then press on "Log Out"-->"Character Select". From there you can choose to delete your mesmer or go straight to "Create" New character.


On a serious note:

For general playstyle stay at range, and make sure you keep using your abilites to send out clones. Keep moving around so 1, they dont hit you and 2, they attack your clones instead. Mantra of recovery 10s cooldown isn't long, just dont stand there and get hit and heal up and keep at range and your clones will take a lot of the agro for you. Your F4 with several clones up gives you a good duration of satety as well when shit goes down. Shatters are good, but until you start having an idea what you are doing with them, the clones themselves also serve as nice tanks to protect you from a few hits.

As far as weapons go - for power greatsword is the easiest with its range, sword/sword is what does the damage but riskier in melee but keep it for swap. For condi i'd say scepter is the best weapon hands down. Strong damage, nonstop flow of clones to tank you for and it has low cooldown block for bad stuff paired with torch for aoe dps and pistol for single target dps + cc. A lot of people like staff for condi, but i personally thinks its a garbage weapon. Yes you are almost impossible to kill if you play like a scared wanker, but it cannot do any serious damage and it's not very engaging you are just waiting for your exceptionally slow dps to occur - i like to feel the result when i combo and unleash my power actively.

I would suggest power for leveling up, as it is just generally easier to get gear.


  • "Domination" is very good for power builds, adding raw damage a lot.
    • "Dueling" traitline is all around very strong, giving you fury, bleed from crits, vigor(more dodges) and the final trait can be a very very safe trait - The one that gives you a clone when you dodge. The clone can be used for tanking, or used for setting up shatters. If using 1h swords it also reduces cooldowns.
    • "Illusions" can be very strong particularly if you play condi or diviners gear(power + boon duration), it can really make scepter builds shine.
    • "Inspiration" traitline is like training wheels, it gives you a lot of healing and makes surviving easier, but when you get the hang of things you want to move away from it.
    • "Chaos" is for trolls survival in condi builds.

For pve the single best heal is mantra of recovery - it heals far far more over time than the rest, and with inspiration even more so + condi cleanses.

For utility i'd advise to always take blink no matter what - it is also a stunbreak btw. Only in super optimized builds for max dps should you take something else. For power builds can recommend also phantasmal disenchanter(strong damage, low cooldown) and then either another mantra, portal or phantasmal defender - if you are chron go maybe well of precognition(block). For condi take the signets that give you condi damage and expertise passives.


The easiest or most powerful world build i know is this:hgw2skills.net/editor/?PiBBs+trlVwuYIsE2IWuX/tcA-zVJYkxfZEZF0bK49HJI2DvF6/0A-wttp://Trailblazer Chrono/Duelling/Illusions - Scepter/Torch, Scepter/Pistol.It is a very powerful builds that is super tanky, has solid burst and aoe, super solid sustain. All around excellent. This is actually my WvW build, but i found i made it so stronk that it was better than any of my other builds for world too. I use it for any tough content in pve as well - as soon as there is any challenge it shines. Chrono double phantasm unloads a lot of pressure on condi builds too. This is my most played builds for stuff like dragonfall metas etc, where tough enemies are.


If content isn't too challenging, and tbh you can do nearly anything with it too, moving in circles around target, i would suggest a power greatsword mirage like this one:gw2skills.net/editor/?PigAEFlZwuYbYm4Qrk/0A-zRIYRUxXG9UBZmC+dSCj9w7oaGA-eHere i will highlight Stamina sigils(full energy on kill), as well as vampire runes(heal 10% on kill). This is insanely good for tagging(god++ tier), mirage ambush attacks from greatword during mirage cloak with illusions up is maybe the single best way to tag anything in the game. If kills keep rolling in you are almost constantly evading, regenerating with protection healing nonstop from vampire runes and tagging everything like a goddamn monster. It doesn't have the best damage in the world, but it has enough damage to deal with anything also because it can dodge so much that it is very hard for it to get hit and gives you some regen and protection too. You can also keep a Sword/Sword on hand for damage. You can also use more diviners gear intead for more boon uptimes like regen, vigor, fury, protection and you can also use speed runes instead through some diviners gears and signet of inspiration passive. I have 3 different versions of this builds and use them all depending on situation.


These are my 2 most played solo-pve builds now, ironically it is power mirage and condi chronos. But it just happens to be the best at what they do, and most mesmer players don't even know them which is a joke. They just play the ideal dps meta raid/fractals builds and don't optimize for solo gameplay or situations where you don't know every ability to avoid getting hit. Keep in mind however, if you want optimized endgame dps builds, neither of these are ideal they re designed to deal with doing both damage as well as surviving a multitude of scenarios.

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