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How long does each part of the game (PoF, S3, S4) take to complete?

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I now have one main thad did world completion on the full core world. 7 other chars that did map completions from their home area until orr and full completion of personal core story. (About 50-60 percent of main world completion.) Revenant (9th char) is aiming for the same.

Now my main did all LS2 stories and a lot of achievements from Dry Top and Silverwastes and now is in Tangled Depths. I'm aiming for most story achievements from HoT (Act 3 finished fully) and map completion and most easier map achievements (insights, strongboxes and the easy ones from events and adventures, trying the harder ones later). Planning on catching up with the other chars next when I'm finished with HoT - should be fast since they only need map comletion and story (which still takes a bit of time but I know how to do stuff now and don't need additional achievements).

So how long/grindy are the other parts of the game - if you take into account that I'll probably do them the same way as described above? (Meaning I'll try do aim for full story achievements and most map related achievements on my main and the story and map completion on all other stuff. Leaving the grindy hard adventures or map achievements - like 100 Tarir events or the collections and vendor unlocks - like recipes that require grind for the currency - for much later.)

I guess PoF is about the same or a little bit longer (with easier to navigate but bigger maps) - from what I have seen in the wiki?LS3 maps seem to be smaller? Is that correct?

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I'm not sure it's possible to give an accurate answer to that, because it will vary a lot between people. For example some players might be able to get the majority of achievements on their first attempt and only need to repeat something if there are achievements that can't be done together, whereas other players will need multiple attempts and maybe different professions or skills to get an achievement done. Then there's things like whether you're going through doing map completion as quickly as possible, or just roaming around exploring and doing things as you come across them - the second will take much longer.

For example it took me 2 evenings (about 4 or 5 hours total) to do all the achievements in the dwarven ruins in Desert Highlands. I told my guild that and one person was mortified - told me I should have said something as soon as I started and he could have linked me to a guide or helped me in-game and got it all done in under an hour. I don't think he ever believed that I preferred figuring it out as I was going along and didn't want to get it done quickly.

My impression is that HoT took longer than PoF, and PoF took longer than any of the living world seasons, but bear in mind I haven't finished all the achievements for any of them (I've done all the achievements in some episodes, but not all) so it's possible I've missed some of the more time consuming stuff. I think finishing the base game to a similar point to you took longer than anything else, but that's partially because I was new, didn't know what I was doing and I was doing it interspaced with Season 1, which makes it hard to work out how long I really spent on it.

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Thanks. That was exactly what I had been looking for: Some personal experiences. I know playstyles vary from player to player. (Even for the adventures in HoT I found some easier than other ones where certain guides listed the ones as harder.)

So far I could mostly solo all of the story related achievement stuff pretty easily. (I guess hardest one was in LS2 where you played as Caithe and needed to avoid getting hit by certain stuff in a boss fight in the last chapter.) As for the achievements I'm more looking for the length in regards to 1 try. More interested in those grindy map stuff I feel the need to to because of completion or nice rewards.

LS2 hat those badges and coints - took pretty long (I still played without gliding). The HoT maps had much better rewards so far (Herta and the Aurulium node in Auric basin) and it felt pretty fast with a guide. No hard jumps and not too many things to "collect" (or interact with).

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For me the biggest "blocker" are stupid super-mario 3D Hot maps. Yes, I hate those things. I want to role play a necromance or warrior, not some jumping idiot.

Mounts make things easier. Atleast for me. PoF faster then HoT. Not because of harder/easier monsters. Its "map".

Ideal would be Skyscale. But if not, get enhanced raptor, enhanced bunny, enhanced skimmer.

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A lot depends not only on what others have said, but how you do content. I like scavenger hunts and I'll try to find stuff on my own long before going to the wiki for help. If you're not using videos or the wiki and you're trying to find stuff it's going to take you a LOT longer to get through that content. Downloads like Taco make a lot of stuff fast, but completely take away the sense of accomplishment. Of course they also free up a lot of your time.

Because I'm in no rush it takes me ages to finish a lot of that content, but I'm not trying to be efficient about it.

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