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Season 1: Future Suggestions

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First, thank you for the release of season 1. I'm grateful to play some of what I missed. When I first bought this game, I missed the entire first half up to Blood and Madness because I didn't even know living world existed yet! I was too immersed in trying to learn and explore the rest of the game. It was a treat to finally play Flame and Frost and Last Stand at Southsun.

That being said, I have suggestions. I know the open-world portions of season 1 are tricky to bring back, but I think it's possible. I think key events, like Lost Shores, Tower of Nightmares ascent, Twisted Marionette, Escape from Lion's Arch and Battle of Lion's Arch can be incorporated as open-world instances, like the current strike missions especially along the lines of the current story vision(Forging Steel). In the case of the Twisted Marionette, for instance, NPCs can be used at each lane instead of players and also at the upper platforms.

Second, bring back the rest!: ex. Dragon Bash, Blood and Madness, Origins of Madness, Edge of the Mists. There's a lot of important story context in those instances as well as a good introduction to the characters.

Third, find a way to unify season 1 into a coherent order. Some portions of season 1 are scattered in different areas of the game, eg. Aetherblade Retreat, Mai Trin in fractals and Twlight Assault in dungeon. I like the idea of incorporating them either in Eye of the North or maybe even the ideal, in the story journal.

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Yes! Edge of the Mists, I remember having alot of fun and meeting guild mates on that map when it first released, it felt relaxed, but strategy still needed, similar to alliance battles but with a twist, the map was very well designed, choke points, unique buffs based on where you are on the map, season themed regions (spring, desert, winter etc.), and was a no pressure guide for new players heading to WvW

Also still waiting on the "Player vs Environment vs Player" missions, 5-10 players play as defenders of a fort like fort aspenwood?, 5-10 play as the bad guys (Dragons' Minions) attacking with a timer, with NPCs, drivable siege tanks/devourers or even turtles, environmental effects or buffs weapons in-between :)

*Fingers crossed!

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It's not so much that it can't be done, more the work and time vs reward of doing it.

I am glad to have these 4 missions back too however there is a lot left to do before living world will be in a somewhat playable state again.I am fine with Anet slowely adding more LW1 stuff via the pool for now but at some point I am hoping that there will be enough LW1 stuff back in the game that Anet can justify the time and work of putting it all together as a replayable living world season.

They have the tech to get a lot of this done, most of the open world stuff can be redone through the client side, we've seen this in action mutliple times in Gw2 such as having NPC's follow us about and talk to us in the open world and only we can see them.

As for things like the Marrionete that would probably have to be redone as instanced content or remade as some kind of core world strike mission around the same difficulty as it was originally which i'd be fine with.

The Battle for LA could easily be redone now in a similar squad based mission style as Forging Steel.

But once all the major events are reintroduced to the game it will be worth it to put in all those little open world bits and place the entry points to the LW1 pool missions in the open world where they took place.For now though, I hope they keep reintroducing LW1 in parts until there's enough to justify doing this.

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Old lion's arch is still in the files, the model is still present like many assets of LS1, as example, see the breachmaker control asura console, that asset is now present in sandswept isles and grothmar valley recon cove. The marionette is still here as a wreckage, just realign the model to stand normally and you have the marionette plus there is an event in lake doric involving a watchknight really close to marionette. The knights from battle of LA are present in nightmare fractal CM. Aetherblades still here. Molten foes in fractal, nightmare tower foes in fractal. Aetherblade airship in istan at corsairs.

Frankly with all those things still present, you can redo the attack on LA identical to what it was. Every asset is here. I suppose the nightmare tower model is still here, or the old version of Kessex hills. The real issue currently is there is 0 context around the instances/characters. A first good step would be to reintroduce the attack of the jubilee, the origin of scarlet. Everyone having fun, watchknight overseeing the place and boom scarlet appear and they all turn into monstrosity, with the pursuit after her in the crown pavilion. For nightmare tower what is missing, is the fact they were releasing miasmas and that at the origin the tower was hidden by a mesmer veil.

It should indicate clearly the order of the story to new player:1-Southsun crisis: Beat karka queen.2-Flame and frost: Do Braham homestead and rox hatchery visions then do Molten factory and Molten boss fractals.3-End of southsun crisis: find canach lair and defeat him.4-Sky pirates: Shows the murder of the councillor at dragon bash in old LA. Do aetherblade and aetherblade boss fractals.5-Queen's jubilee and clockwork chaos: Redo the attack of scarlet on the jubilee turning watchknight into monsters.6-Tequalt rising: Beat tequalt7-Twilight assault: Do twilight aetherpath8-Nightmares within: Instance where kasmeer reveal the tower. Do the vision, do the nightmare fractal. Stop some toxic events around the map.9-Fractured/Edge of the mist: Experience thaumanova fractal to discover one of the first experiment lead by Scarlet. Experience marionette vision at lornar pass.10-Escape/battle for lion's arch: Whole new vision/fractal: Evacuate citizen outside, then stop molten/toxic/aetherblade miasma to end with killing knight and fight on breachmaker. (This will be a steel and fire like vision, really big, played by 10 players)

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I'd really like them to bring back the entire thing if they can.

It's frustrating to see tiny bits returning out of order and with no context, and even more frustrating that it's giving some people the impression that's all season 1 was. What we've got now is kind of like someone playing The First City (where you investigate Fahranur), A Kindness Repaid (the Olmakhan village boss fight), Storm Tracking (where you go into the Mists to confront Kralk and escape on a mount) and Bleed (where you make the Dragonsblood weapons) and thinking they've seen all of Season 4.

I know it's a huge amount of work to bring it all back and it would be a lot for players to go through, especially alongside new content, but I'd much rather have the entire experience with the full story than a few disjointed 'flash backs' that don't really do much on their own.

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