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WvW update?


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Is there any leaks or news on the big update due?A few say summer as that's when wvw updates tend to kick in. Others say with the newly announced dlc as it will be sold as a highlight with the dlc.Anyone heard anything different?I wanna world transfer to join guildies by if there's news on the update I won't bother transferring yet

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Soon™ ....

edit- but in all seriousness, what sorts of updates were you looking for? Alliances? No new news on that front, but its not happening anytime soon. You should join your guild friends, if you can't front the transfer cost perhaps they could help.

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It will probably arrive with the expansion pack that introduces Cantha. There's no reason to believe it will arrive earlier.

I think it's been stated alliances were still "being worked on" but no actual work on it was done in a manner that exceeds the existing relinked "servers" system. In order for them to succeed the concept has to be tamperproof essentially (see server stacking and server "blackouts").

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