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Tengu Weapon Collector: 2 Mastery Points? ?


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I'm looking at the achievement, and it 'seems' like it's supposed to award one for T2 and one for T5. I got the one at T2, that just shows up and bounces around in the lower right like one usually does, with chests, and you have to click on it to get it. At T5, I opened a box and inside was a blue dot that looked like it was going to be another mastery point, but I didn't get one, and I'm not really sure where the blue dot went (and, sadly, I didn't slow down and read exactly what that blue mastery dot looking thing was).

So does it reward one or two? If not, what was the blue dot I got in a box for finishing?

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Under that it shows another mastery point though? Or am I reading that wrong? Like look at the meta, there's no mastery reward at any of the tiers, but you get a mastery for completing it, and it shows a mastery point at the end as a reward. Isn't that the same thing I see at the end of the weapon collection?

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