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sPvP is in a very good state!


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I truly mean it, GW2's sPvP is not in a bad place at all.

I have only recently returned to GW2 and the last time I played sPvP was in Season 11. So It's been a while, and I have returned with a fresh perspective.

In my 41 matches so far I have noticed that ALL specs seem to be viable and in use. I have encountered Spellbreakers, Berserkers, Druids, Soulbeasts, Scourges, Reapers, Daredevils, Deadeyes, etc. You get the picture. This to me is a very good sign of a healthy game balance because if it were unbalanced, everyone would just play the most OP spec. But it seems like the options for viable specs is diverse and this keeps matches interesting.

There's been QoL updates to some maps such as Eternal Colliseum (I really like the new hedges added here). And a new map has been added called Djinn's Dominion. It's always great to see new maps added, I hope that Anet keep up the pace and add another map or two with EoD and further QoL changes to existing maps.

The Reward tracks have always been a fantastic incentive to play ranked sPvP and I see that new tracks are continuing to be added. I'm really thankful for this, especially with things such as the Domain of Kourna track and similar that reward you with armor pieces that you would otherwise have to chase achievements in PvE to get. I love playing PvE, but Achievement hunting is easily the worse thing about it IMO because you don't feel like you are playing a game but instead completing a job list. I would much rather do sPvP for these rewards because I'm actually playing the game! :)

And finally, and this is my one and only gripe with the sPvP at this time. Toxicity still seems to be rampant. But this is not a problem with GW2 specifically - PvP in any game is like this. Because fighting against other players is high intensity and when we're losing it's easy to lose our cool. I've been having to block at least 1 player each and every match. Soon I think my block list will be longer than my friends list, which is shameful. Please, if you are reading this, keep your spiteful comments to yourself. There's no use in blaming your team or an individual player and more often than not, when you shout in the team chat you reduce team morale and it just increases the chance you will lose.

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Indeed it is really good. But you are never going to see people praise the large variety of builds you can play…The forums are just filled with a constant flow of nonsense/exaggeration and cries on a permanent loop.

Edit : Just like anyone there are going to be mechs / builds/ heroes / characters that I do not like in games I play(ed), things I wish were different but people never step back. I can find the same forums / chat issues in a lot of games. One difference is that in mobas I do not get the blame just because I said hello :tongue:

I think the block list only looks scary because you can see it. In mobas it probably is crazy long too.

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