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What happen to the rest of Istan?

yefluke.3168yefluke.3168 Member ✭✭
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Comparing to GW1, we are only able to access the top right part of the Istan isle.

How about the rest. Is there any mentioned about other part of the area that I probably missed?
I think the area is the important historical settlement. It shouldn't be scrubbed out from Tyria history.


  • The only bit we have about other parts of Istan is from First Spear Hakima.

  • Svennis.3852Svennis.3852 Member ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately we are very unlikely to return there. The only possible way I can think we might is a similar a situation to Siren’s Landing where it would serve as a map to illustrate how Elona is recovering from Joko’s end while we pursue something plot relevant in ancient Istani ruins.

  • There's a story episode in Fahranur, The First City (mid-left), so we do see some of that as well.

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    So we only know a little about the Issnur Isles, sounds like they're free now too. I would guess the Mehtani Keys are too, and probably fairly peaceful? Or maybe under raid by Awakened ships (during S4, not likely now). We saw Fahranur is of course deserted, and there wasn't much in Lahtenda Bog in the first place as I understand. Though I do wish we'd seen that, we don't really have a swamp/bog region of the world, just tiny dots here and there like Godslost

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    @Gorgaan Peaudesang.8324 said:
    The only bit we have about other parts of Istan is from First Spear Hakima.

    First Spear Hakima: Issnur Isles had enough, and declared their independence from the rest of Istan.

    As Gorgaan said, we get this small line of info from Hakima regarding the rest of Istan. I recall the rest of the island in the swamps etc. were Corsair bases.

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    Strictly speaking, we're also missing Zehlon Reach and the Cliffs of Dohjok, which in GW1 seemed to be moderately populated rural areas when not overrun by sentient plants, insects, and harpies. Possibly not as much as Issnur (most of Issnur is irrigated fields, after all), but they were arable, probably more so than the region we can see in GW2.

    There is a Bone Wall on the eastern boundary of the map, though, so I suspect that the central part of the island has been made into Istan's equivalent of the southern Elon Riverlands, while the eastern part is probably about as abandoned as it was in GW1.

  • nothing "happened". The game never went there and little is known. So as far as the story goes, nothing happened. It is also unlikely anything will happen there in the future as the story moves forward to Cantha and the sory in Istan seems to have been finished.

    BUT we never trully knows how the story goes, so nothing is said in stone.