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Team ArenaNet for Extra Life 2020

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Extra Life's official Game Day is less than a month away, and Team ArenaNet is participating for the fourth year in a row. With your help, we've raised over $225,000 for critically ill and injured children over the past three years, and we're inviting you to participate again this year and make that number even bigger! Read all the details here, and join the Team ArenaNet Super Team--or create your own Sub-Team with your guild, friends, and community--here.

We have some surprises in store for this event, so stay tuned for more news as we get closer to Extra Life 2020 #ForTheKids!



  • Deathmortus.7852Deathmortus.7852 Member ✭✭
    edited October 18, 2020

    @Rubi Bayer.8493 When i try to create a subteam via your page/link, there is an error : "Invalid eventID submitted in the URL. Please check the link and try again."

  • I have the same problem...

  • @Rubi Bayer.8493 I'm joining again for my second year. I'm also going to be playing on days before and after game day and am looking at adding simple affordable incentives, and was wondering if the following ideas I have would be a violation of the TOS?

    What I want to do is offer the following incentives:

    $10 Slave for an hour - I'll help you farm for all possible materials / whatever gold I earn I'll give to you. (GW1/GW2)
    $20 I'll help assist with the completion of a bounty, story instance, dungeon, or certain achievements. (GW1/GW2)

    I haven't put them up yet as I wanted to check to see if they would be allowed or not. If you or someone could let know it would be greatly appreciated. :)