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Should the Lootsystem be changed?

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Boxes in Boxes of Boxes...
The Loot in WvW can be more annyoing than rewarding. People must ask for merchants, when their zerg raided for longer in the field. Even while only running with your zerg, cleaning the inventory is needed and you still try to focus on a possible inc while doing so. Going WvW with small backpacks on your Alts is a pain. Even on your Main, with huge Bags, cleaning might take several minutes and click to open and sell/salvage stuff, feels endless sometimes.
Boxes and numerous useless Loot can be timewasting and distracting - Or not? Lets vote.

Nothing to see here - move along.

Should the Lootsystem be changed? 37 votes

Yes, my Inventory is always full.
jul.7602K THEN.5162Aeolus.3615Roxanne.6140Alveen.7239floppypuppy.5789Yseron.8613 7 votes
Yes, but only remove the Trash-Items and Sigills.
XenesisII.1540Fenrir Bartea.5917Mechanix.9315Kossuth.2168Andyx.3985Hannelore.8153GDchiaScrub.3241ionix.9054Kilikina.1097Virelion.4128Thorin.9624 11 votes
Yes, remove these Boxes completely and give us the Items directly in the Inventory.
Yes, less Loot in total, and more valuable Items instead.
Belghar.3024Olli.9028Threather.9354Balthazzarr.1349eLfocus.8961xDudisx.5914Resvon.9867Galaxy.3082 8 votes
No, it was well-conceived.
LetoII.3782 1 vote
No, otherwise getting huge Bags would make no sense.
xitoriki.9758 1 vote
No, I love those Boxes in Boxes.
DamiVlad.2689 1 vote
No, I never get many Loot-Boxes, so they don't bother me.
Gemnaid.4219 1 vote
I don't mind that Lootsystem.
Klipso.8653Miki Thahan Phran.9182volpenvieh.3201 3 votes
Other, explain in Thread.
Blockhead Magee.3092MUDse.7623Nidome.1365nekuxdesu.4796 4 votes


  • XenesisII.1540XenesisII.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Yes, but only remove the Trash-Items and Sigills.

    I don't really have a problem with the loot system. You can buy 18 slot bags for cheap from the wvw vendor. I usually break stuff down while on the run from place to place, ain't doing much else during that time anyways, and now with right click to mass salvage with the kits it's even easier, takes like 10s, right click salvage then click to deposit mats. I also tend to keep my bags organized so I don't have to look all over for stuff. I suppose it would take longer if you want to sell stuff directly and have to check prices, but I usually don't care and just break everything to sell mats later.

    Only things that pile up after a while are the sigils, wish those could be broken down too.

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  • Nidome.1365Nidome.1365 Member ✭✭✭
    Other, explain in Thread.

    The current loot system is fine. Managing your inventory on the fly isn't complicated or hard.
    This poll however is not fine; it is ill-conceived with too many options.

  • DeadlySynz.3471DeadlySynz.3471 Member ✭✭✭✭


    I'd actually like to see the boxes stackable based on the Tier of items given; call them T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, and T6 boxes if you will. Each box contains all items from that tier, including all the crafting items & gear that would break down materials into that Tier.

    That also means adding other Tier loot as drops in WvW, along with it being added to reward tracks as well. That is, instead of hoards and hoards and hoards of T5 items and loot. While yes things like elder logs can make you a bit of coin, it is a bit tiresome seeing nothing but mithril ore, elder logs, and thick leather popping up in the inventory.

    In addition to having T1-T6 boxes add like a trash box, where things like spikes end up. Possibly add a random Tier box as well, where you could get anything from T1 to T6.

    While these changes aren't necessary by any means (I have more than enough space), what I really would like changed/added is other Tier loot that drops equally as much as T5 (and added as regular drops in reward tracks). But I don't think it hurts to add specific Tier loot boxes that are stackable.

  • Other, explain in Thread.


    Anet's philosophy on loot for supports as explained by their recent patch notes is extremely tone deaf in regards to WvW and its kind of sickening considering how much part of the team just tried to make us happy with talking about server restructuring and a plethora of wubwub specific balance changes.

    for reference, "You still need to tag an enemy for the bonus support credit to come into play; standing around passively granting boons is not gameplay that ought to be rewarded "

    I am convinced that everyone who gave the okay for these changes has not played WvW at all and has no idea how valuable these full support players are. Is it great for your supportive scourges and scrappers? Absolutely, its even fantastic for your heralds and other dps with boons spreading and aoe healing but it is just horrible for FB specifically that has to spec OUT of supportive traits in order to recieve proper loot at all. I really love needing to be less effective so I can receive drops.

    Now before you say something along the lines of "but its always been this way", yeah it has. The problem is that they completely went around it and essentially called it degenerate despite it being so vital in the current wubwub meta. They dont play their own game.

  • Other, explain in Thread.

    I don't like the boxes in the boxes - its annoying. However, I never have any issue with my inventory. I'm the opposite of a hoarder. I sell off everything that doesn't deposit or I don't need for whatever current thing I want to craft.

  • LetoII.3782LetoII.3782 Member ✭✭✭✭
    No, it was well-conceived.

    It's meant to encourage buying of bag slots, working as intended.
    People wanted more kitten in WvW, and so it came to pass.
    I'd rather no further Dev time went into auxillary interests, we need BIG DEAL stuff not trinkets.

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  • I don't mind that Lootsystem.

    Sometimes I wonder what people are doing.
    Use all -> salvage all -> deposit all -> sell whatever is left and not needed whenever you pass a merchant (or if you've got a gambling problem like me just put the vendor that you get from ectoplasm gamble in a shared inventory slot \o/). After every fight/tick or whenever you're just running from point A to point B.
    I've got 20 slot bags on almost all of my characters, often up to 40 slots taken by siege, food and second armor sets and I rarely struggle with full inventory in WvW because I'm spending like 15sec every 5min to clean it.

  • If loot drops too easily and simply, we as players tend to ignore it. Out of sight, out of mind. It's great that all sorts of stuff now drops directly into our wallet and it's trivial to deposit to material storage. But that also means we pay little attention to its value. We don't notice how many spirit shards we get, how many dungeon tokens, or (now) how many keys drop for us. It's all "magic" and we end up devaluing its worth. Most people don't realize that they get a a decent amount of coin from drops (it's not competitive in the least with e.g. Silverwastes, but it adds up).

    So MMO producers have to figure out a way to balance that: too much inventory management is a chore; too little, and we think we aren't getting rewarded (even when we are).

    In addition, most people who have inventory management problems are... well, not usually managing their inventory. They hoard stuff that eats space, they start without much space, and so on. There's no one-size-fits-all solution that helps everyone.

    And ANet has done a ton of stuff to help: they told us that they couldn't do keys, but somehow found a sideways solution, as they did with improving material storage. We have an enviable wardrobe system that stores all skins and dyes and outfits and minis (all things that used to take up space in some way|shape|form). They've added some storage options via gem shop and some that can be obtained in-game (e.g. 20 slot bags for 3 candy corn cobs).

    I'm sure ANet can do better. I'm also sure that we'll just start complaining all over again a month later; we get used to whatever loot/inventory tools and then want more.

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  • MUDse.7623MUDse.7623 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Other, explain in Thread.

    i dont mind the boxes, if you keep doing same reward track they just stack on each other and only use some space. i manage inventory mostly while walking.

    the only thing about loot in WvW that i would like to see changed is loot balance between small and largescale. loot is generated for everyone who participates in killing therefore more kills in large scale then small scale leads to way more loot. if loot was generated for for every target and then distributed to everyone who participated killing, then you would earn way more for killing someone solo or in a small group. and probably get at the end of the day about the same in smallscale as in large scale. i currently dont just earn less in small scale but also spent more as my buffood is way more expensive, in largescale often you dont even need to bring food as someone will place food. with optimal food i would spent ~3-3,5g per hour on food roaming and like 40s per hour in zerg. while the loot from killing is pretty much neglegtable in roaming and mainly gains are from pips and reward track.

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