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  1. Power damage needs to be increased. How many of us said there would be an issue once all power damage across the board was lowered? Condition would suddenly be a problem because it makes it nearly impossible for the average person to match or outperform a condition user, especially if they are bunker condition. But people need to realize they can't lower or even tinker with conditions. Cleanses still exist, as does resistance. With the right rotation (and it's not hard to maintain), complete immunity to conditions can be upheld. So what's the real solution? Reverse the power damage changes back to their original state.
  2. institute downstate runes with the 6th bonus enabling downstate. Aside from that, remove it as a regular mechanic from all classes. If players really want downstate, invest in the runes. People seem to forget, WvW is built around large group play or blobbing. It's not built around small group play, one shot builds or roaming, and thus cannot be balanced or even thought of around those. Balance has been slowly stripped away because of these very things and the players that continue to voice over the game mode with those in mind. If one doesn't like being blown up by a ranger or thief, then don't roam, join your group. If you don't like large group play, go play PvP.
  3. Maybe the solution is to bring back damage instead of gutting it in the first place. Reduce damage across the board on almost every skill only to make condition damage absolutely required. How many of us voiced this issue before it happened.. How many of us said that condition damage was going to become problematic.. How many of us said that they were going to have to revert the Necro changes back... and they did. How does this get fixed? Leave them as they are and buff classes back up, and bring the damage back.
  4. The mode isn't built around small scale fights and thus balance cannot be directed at it. In no way shape or form for any reason, whatsoever, ever should Anet balance around solo to 5 man fights (and I'd even wager up to 10 man fights). People who are using trailblazer are also doing it wrong. Conditions don't stay up long enough in a normal fight (lets call it 25+) to ever warrant using trailblazer. This post is an example of why Anet cannot listen to anything to do with small scale content when it comes to WvW. But of course, if they didn't bugger around with power the way that they did, hammer revs or even support revs would be more desirable. So I suppose you could place the blame on all those people that complained about power damage (all those talking about solo to small scale fights) for the change? Pigeon-hole a class into a specific build is always a fantastic idea...
  5. Except a necro and guardian bring far more to the table than a warrior, so why would someone now bring a warrior to the fight, especially a hammer wielding one? Unless we have people looking at small group roaming (because they shouldn't as this is a large scale battle mode), there is no point. People mine as well bring their bearbow rangers to the fight because at least they can kill a necro from afar. But why brother bringing a ranger when one can bring another guardian or necro?
  6. Okay then if 1v1 doesn't matter then why the kitten is mesmer being nerfed, ranger??? These classes got nerfs despite having NO ROLE in large scale. Explain that to me, thanks. People always say "oh it doesn't matter cus 1v1 doesn't need balance" but AS SOON AS rangers can actually kill scourges and necros EVERYONE LOSES THEIR KITTEN and wants soulbeast nerfed into the ground. Stop being a hypocrite. The EXACT same thing has happened to mirages.The argument is stupid. Edit: holos got nerfed too. Why? They didn't have any role in large scale. So why nerf them? Clearly, 1v1 and 2v2 DOES matter, so stop pretending otherwise. So I just don't understand why people think it's OK FB can be the best support in ALL pvp gamemodes (wvw blob, wvw smallscale , spvp) but specs that are total niche and are only "OK" at doing ONE THING need to be nerfed. What the frik is up what that. 1v1 or 2v2 or even small group doesn’t matter and should not matter nor any semblance of balance should be directed at it. Ranger, thief, Mesmer, engi (core & holo), and to a lesser extent warrior have almost no use inside medium to large scale compared to other classes effectiveness. But what do we see the most? Nerf ranger, nerf thief, and nerf Mesmer threads. So what exactly is the disconnect here with people? We clearly have people squawking from a roaming 1v1 or 2v2 standpoint in a mode that is built for large scale fights. Any wonder why WvW suffers from balance so badly? Your right, people think it’s ok the FB can run around untouched while being the best at everything while classes that have no use and niche builds at that continually get nerfed. This makes no sense, but happens because players are continually complaining From a small scale fight standpoint. Then we have people screaming damage was a problem, and it wasn’t. A full zerk player would barely dent a typical tacky target in WvW. So what does Anet do (the wrong thing as usual) and nerfs everything across the board. The only thing they needed to do was gut the firebrand and leave every other class alone. That would have had a bigger impact on balance than all the steps they have taken thus far combined.
  7. Yes because WvW is littered with thieves. Zergs carry to many of them so there is never any room for my firebrand or scourge.............. While we’re at it, Scourge and Firebrands need buffs because clearly they are underpowered because we rarely see them roaming. Seeing as WvW is built around roaming; thieves, rangers, mesmers, and warriors need massive nerfs across the board because that’s all we see in zergs... This is why this forum needs to have a roaming/small group forum completely separate from WvW. Too many changes are being made based on a play style the mode isn’t built around.
  8. In all fairness, NA seems to be a bit behind in the meta. But yes, this pretty much sums up EU currently. Not only that, it seems that primarily the posters are coming from a small group/roaming point of view. This is why it makes me think that there needs to be a separate forum all together for roaming and small scale completely absent from medium to large scale which WvW is primarily about. If there was new player to the game or someone that hasn't even played Gw2 at all but was interested in large scale PvP and they came to these forums, they'd be under the impression that WvW is dominated by Rangers, thieves, Holo's and mirages. Why do these classes even come up with anything to do with WvW meta?
  9. Who says antitoxin saves them? It only increases incoming condi cleanses by 1. Anyone running those runes is trolling. Scrapper still cleanses a ton, tempest cleanses a lot, scourge cleanses even more. It isn't a condi meta, just your party members aren't cleansing you. Just run trooper runes on tempests (10 man cleanse shouts), maybe some warhorns on spellbreakers (more 10 man cleanse!). Most condi builds are a joke against resistance. As a condi blob you will lose headon clash to powerblob running "shake it off!" instantly. Condi isn't a problem, just it exists now on smaller/unorganized scale. Yes most of the time if you're dying, you most likely have some conditions on you, but it isn't the conditions killing you, it is the power damage. Literally add 1 decent firebrand in your group and it makes half your frontline immune to the "condiclouds". I have no problem killing people with a condition bomb, even if the group has 1-2 firebrands. Unless every group I faced has firebrands that are terrible. It's a lot easier now to kill groups with conditions. The problem is though, Anet can't simply just reduce condition damage, it has to equate to that which power puts out, but because resistance exists and can technically nullify conditions all together, Anet can't touch the damage. So the only way to avoid condition damage is groups have to get really good and rotating resistance and somehow avoid boon corrupts. This has never consistently been pulled off. So Anet (and the players that support the patch), basically shot themselves in the foot. Condition damage can't be tweaked, so the only option is, is to raise the damage back up again. Will that happen? No, so players are simply going to have to live with condition damage the way it is. At best, all they can do is shorten the condition duration, but then damage has to be raised, and more often than not, conditions don't tick for any length of time in clashes, it's the condition bomb that kills the player in 1-2s, not the duration.
  10. Broken is an understatement.. Try dropping traps as a DH and watch what happens when the group runs over them, instantly vaporized, regardless of how far you are away. I remember dropping traps in front of QL's door on EBG, then teleported back to the keep to grab supply. The zerg ran over my traps and I was downed in the keep which had to have been a good 15,000 to 20,000 units away. I'd love to hear Anet's rationale behind this. This isn't even a problem when compared to ranged classes who deal big AoE damage. Easy fix would be to scale retal down to work in a 400 range around the person and remove it from all classes except thief (because thief logically would make the most sense to return damage upon a hit). Then let the thief in the group spam retal on their party members.. that is if the group really wants retaliation that bad that they would take a few thieves with them.
  11. This can't happen as long as any type of condition cleans exists. If they cut the damage by that much, they need to remove most if not all cleanses in the game otherwise condition damage will be nowhere even remotely close to power. Condition damage can't be tinkered with, it would have to be completely reworked from the ground up. This is part of the reason why nerf to damage should never have gone through because they can't simply do the same to condition without pushing some classes out of WvW all together. Trailerblazer isn't even a problem either; people who used that gear were doing it wrong (or at least in the old meta they were). It was always much more effective to dump as much condition on someone as quickly as possible, because it would often drop the player in the barrage before they could react. Like someone else had mentioned, the time in between patches (even when they say they do them more frequently) is too long. Likely they will get to a point after doing 2-3 patches then call it quits and the builds will sit for over a year before they even touch them again. But players complained about this without actually thinking about what the consequences were (as per usual here), so they're just going to have to eat it until such time. Possibly even dealing with the fact this could be it.
  12. Who does this in WvW exactly in any type of group or zerg? Rangers or thieves?? Yes zergs are infested with them... You know how many videos people have posted over time that should small, medium, and large group clashes along with roaming videos? Far too many to count. How many large hits have we seen, or a 15K hit that weren't from one trick builds? Virtually 0. Reminds me of video someone posted a few months ago about how broke rangers were and their rapid fire hits weren't cracking 2500 and their auto-attacks wouldn't crack 1500. But apparently to some people on here the autos are hitting for 10K and Rapid fire 15-20K (someone even said 30K at one point). Where exactly is the disconnect here? If you're looking at this from a roaming perspective or small group perspective, don't. The mode isn't built around it; it's one of those "nice to have" features available in it for players that want to do it and still be semi-effective and useful. The mode is built for large group play and thus any and all balance should be focused on that, not single 1 trick builds that have 0 use in large groups, or perma-evade classes that also have 0 use in large groups. Who cares if a class and hit you from 1500 range; it doesn't matter when their tiny amount of unblock is met with nearly 100% up-time of reflect. It doesn't matter if a class hit you from 15K from stealth when it will get no where even close to the group with being revealed and crushed. Who cares if you've got a perma-evade class that does no damage to anyone lingering in a group, just ignore and walk away. So what's left? From what I see, the numbers are way down (maybe it's because it's a Tuesday, who knows, we'll see on the weekend). Maybe it's a case of damage wasn't as bad as people thought it was, and was blowing it out of proportion because they didn't like getting hit by 10K+ while roaming which should have no bearing on the balancing of large group play. The only thing Anet needed to address, change, and/or gut was Firebrand, no other classes needed to be touched. If enough people walk away that leaves the mode almost unplayable, well I guess the whiners got their wish, can't get hit for 15K when there is nobody around to hit you in the first place.
  13. It doesn't need to be removed, it just need to be altered to only effect targets in melee range. Targets outside of say 400 range should not be affected by retal. More-so, retal needs to be completely removed from Guardian and given to another class to spam it on their party. Give it to one of the lesser played group/zerg classes like thief. Let them dump it on their party.
  14. There is also a 4th reason - Only a small audience asked for them (which is another reason why they shouldn't have come to fruition). With regards to the toxicity, long before the raids even came out hoards of players already foretold what was going to happen. Even those who never said a peep about them knew what was going to happen.. so again, why did they ever even bother coming to fruition. Raids implementation is one of the biggest reasons why we have such a "balance" problem.
  15. Power creep is a fallacy. Players simply cannot differentiate between being hit by 1 player vs 5-10 players at once. The amount of damage one does in a 1v1 scenario for the most part against a typical target in WvW with 'x' amount of toughness is quite pitiful. Hitting someone on average from 500-1500 damage is anything but power creep.This is where we then here "what about ranger?" or "what about thief?". Well seeing as that most zergs seem to consist of an overabundance of thieves and rangers... oh wait..... Looking at it from a roaming or small group perspective shouldn't even be a thought in WvW when it comes to balance or any type of adjustments. The only actual "power creep" or dominance creep that happened was when they released Firebrand. Even to this day, I see plenty of core specs running around in WvW so obviously this fallacy of a "power creep" isn't exactly a thing.
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