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  1. Dragon's Stand meta was fun, i enjoyed it. But Dragon's End? I don't think so. It's just raid style meta with 50 ppl, and GW2 raid and other instance contents don't seem great because all they do is ground mark based combat. Don't you think it's silly that enemy tell's you where to attack? There're action combat MMOs doing better without these ground indicator(red circle), like phantasy star online.
  2. Can you sell a new hairstyle in gem store like weapon/armor/mount skin? I think lots of people want to buy them if it's cool and cute.
  3. Probably you couldn't figure it out what's the issue. Other classes can switch appropriate build quickly against for opponent before engaging. But if rev uses the template, sometimes utility skills are placed randomly, so it wastes energy for wrong skill. There's less time to check both legend skill bars before engaging in WvW.
  4. This is very unfair especially in WvW. I hit wrong skill countless time in this competitive mode. Anet doesn't even think the bug is critical?
  5. i'm kinda surprised Anet forgot that retaliation was one of the loot bag chance for support classes in WvW.
  6. Removing Retaliation is a bad movement. Support guardian in WvW could have chance to get bags without DPSing opponent, and allow free casters attack zerg without taking damage from far above cliffs/walls like Red BL Keeps. In PvE, retaliation is one of the unique boon especially boss fight like Orr champions. I thought retal is a really good counter attack in the game in every game mode.
  7. This is worst bug ever from beginning of the game. Why don't you shut down the server or ban players who use it
  8. Peaceful and relaxing scenery like Genshin Impact. Exploring the Genshin world was extremely fun. GW2 Core map is nice, but after mount update, terrain got weirder and weirder.
  9. I wish we could wield specific weapons like partisan or bow on mounts. (with mastery) But DPS should be lower than off mount skills.In future, mid-air combat with flying mounts can be interesting.
  10. I'm fine with more than HoT difficulty. We have already 2 elite specs (possibly will have 3?), power creep, build diversity and playing experiences. People still help each other and keep playing on HoT content, but not much in PoF content.I hope that the EoD enemies have intelligence and coordination as we do.
  11. It's funny there was no lag when fighting TC and HoD, but when Mag shows up unplayable lag happens every time. There's no reason to pay for unplayable game anyways, any longer.
  12. This is ridiculous. I'm not going to buy next expansion unless they fix this LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE lag.
  13. Have you guys, even Anet ever played in unpopulated instance and time zone? Not only Shatterer, but most of meta contents are already unplayable. GW2 meta contents are not designed to play such circumstances, so this issue will get worse and worse with time passing.
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