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  1. People would rather complain that any mechanic they lose to means the game is utterly broken and unplayable, post a million threads about it, then wonder why we don't have enough new players in this mode.
  2. Nah, you just learn how to play against builds that are ez kills for skilled players.
  3. So what exactly is your point? You whinged about necros being especially suitable for bot play a minute ago, then turned around and just said that that's not the problem, that the class as a whole is too passive. I've already answered that part for you. A good active player will always be able to outplay a bad passive player. PVP is balanced around high level play, clearly higher than what you're doing if you're getting melted by passives. They do this because BALANCING AROUND PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE CHARACTERS is literally the only way to balance team/role PVP that makes any sense on any planet. I ask again: What exactly is your point other than not knowing how to counter SOOPER DOOPER GOD MODE NO FAIR necros?
  4. I don't think YOU understand. People use bots because they do things people can't do. People are limited by input controls. A class good at botting it can exploit this advantage. A good botting class doesn't always equate to a good low-effort playing class. It just means it ticks certain boxes that bots in particular need, like input bugs people can't manually replicate. If a complicated class ticks these boxes, they become the bot meta. At this time the classes that tick the most boxes are scourge and minion mancer, though you do see plenty of thieves and mesmers. So, I ask again, since you clearly did NOT understand the question: Do you really think we should be balancing around bot playstyles or nah?
  5. Polish isn't a race, it's a nationality. Those people were edgelord jerks, but this doesn't qualify as racism.
  6. Wait, you want them to balance around bots rather than players? You understand how ridiculous that is, right?
  7. If you're actually a skilled player, passive-play classes are an easy W for you. Where do people get this idiotic idea that balance in a team-fighting setting means every char holds up just fine against all others? No, you're not gonna get that core necro bunker tank off that node by bum-rushing them with your lil flamethrower. But a skilled ranger will get them to move all day long, which is what you're SUPPOSED to do with a bunker. They win wars of attrition 1v1. Wanna facetank them? Get a zerk build and outburst them. Get a long range build and kite them. Make them waste their lich/shroud and CC spam them. But your team-fighting build isn't MADE to solo bunkers. This is rock-paper-scissors, not rock-rock-rock.
  8. Yeah, they should rebalance all of pvp to cater to special 3v3 events.
  9. Fair enough. Good catch. Point still stands, though.
  10. Yes, removing an entire trait is "not actually touching it." I don't understand some people...
  11. This made my scourge pet main absolutely useless, and now I've uninstalled.
  12. 99% of people whining about how everything needs to be nerfed are playing silver. The answer is literally always to not facetank before forcing them to pop CDs.
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