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  1. I’m enjoying having a straight fight mode, it’s a nice break from objective play. I could see more changes being made but having another pvp option around would be nice. Just remembered what it reminds me of which is Courtyard deathmatch mode. It’s like a better version of that. Would be nice to see that map adjusted for use in 2v2 or 3v3 too. Something fun could be using the original pvp team sizes which was 8v8 I believe. I’d rather that not be in a ranked style as they did go to smaller groups for a reason but it would be an interesting experience.
  2. It’s because they are npc sets from 2012, tend to be designed different without players in mind. They just adapted what was already modeled to fit PCs.
  3. More people would do it if the rewards weren’t dog poo and the cc phase was fairer. As it stands not worth the effort unless you need the collection piece.
  4. I love Saltsprays, and really want a Phoenix pet for ranger. I miss my imperial one I had during Gw1. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/File:%22Phoenix%22_concept_art.jpg The rainbow Phoenix is really cool, but the cantha one is this one:https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Phoenix_(pet)
  5. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that one Cantha forum thread which spanned most of Gw2s lifecycle.
  6. Please I beg for new styles at least I’m so thirsty.
  7. My biggest problem right now is the fact that I keep forgetting that pet swapping in combat isn’t a thing anymore and then proceed to lock myself out for 9 secs. Currently just trying to adjust to that since I was used to a more active swapping style. I do wish that they would make a bigger variety of pets useful, it typically is just smokescale, deer with some owl/pig most of the time. I just want to see more pets brought up to that level so we could get more playstyle variety since we are locked to only 1 pet in combat now. It feels like we lost gameplay options with the 1 pet lock even if
  8. I just want to see more updated Gw1 skins added to Gw2, there was several nice looking sets from Gw1. Less trench coat chest pieces for medium would also be amazing.
  9. I’m actually enjoying Icebrood/liked PoF but I gotta say I do miss a lot of the season 1 events. The scarlet map events, Marionette boss and breachmaker were so fun. I still want to see those bosses come back in some way.
  10. I feel that the meta timer should be changed, the escort should be its separate timer and event with the actual Drakkar fights with its own timer. It’s not a fun feeling watching the boss timer going down with you unable to do anything but watch Joradottir walk and talk. I actually like the fight itself, it’s pretty cool watching him jump out of the ice and then tracking his shadow to see where he goes next. I’m looking forward to the 11th changes.
  11. Yeah really. Why make a helmet 7500g worth of rng, but a friggin emote the meta reward... This price will probably only go up over time as less and less people go back to roll for rng. Honestly as someone who wants the helmet I’m probably going to sell it if it ever drops with that price. Can buy myself a Eternity with that moolah.
  12. Really disappointed with how it’s aquired so far. Only have managed to get the pants since release because Sanctifier is buggy and I don’t have the gold to to buy everything else for Boreal(or even that tp price Jesus) This is probably going to be cheaper long run, if for no other reason that's it is not locked behind a very annoying jumping puzzle. Between the daily chances and event completion its not going to be as rare as a once a day loot chest at the back end of a easy to screw up JP.Yeah I’m hoping that’s true, it’s just seeing that current large price for both of them is a banger to m
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