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  1. Problems. Plural, cause i got multiple problems with you. First of is your attitude. You come here calling necro braindead and indirectly insulting this whole community. This is why you have to expect people to react unfriendly or to make fun of you like i did. Secondly you seem to already know how to play vs necro but refuse to accept it maybe cause you dislike it. So whats the point of this thread? How is this anything else than a rant? Its like your a fat dude going to a fatfighters meeting, telling them you want to get slim. But then say "dont tell me i have to eat less, i dont
  2. They did it cause their kittening servers cant handle the traffic of 5 reapers using their "rise" ability. Nice job anet. Fix the back end not the front end.
  3. Yeah and pre feb patch the SPVP community was like 5 times as big if not bigger. Right now you can be a top 250 player with gold 1....That says everything you need to know. I mean you can prefer a different playstyle but histroically a bunker meta is boring to most players.
  4. Just buff underperforming classes aka war ingi mes etc. Meta stays fast and we have more class variation. Its that simple. I mean they dont have to listen to every whining post in this forum. But right now the PVP (SPVP and WVW) as a whole is vanishing. And thats kinda sad for a game with such a fluent combat system. Above all if the fix for this is relatively easy.
  5. The main problem in my opinion is that you get 25 stacks of might. Which are applied before the elixier explodes. So they all condis applied by the ult tick with 25 might. Just lower this down to 15 oder 10 stack and the ult is fine. Otherwise it would be nerfed to oblivion. Right now i would be happy if they atleast did something to underperforming classes. Cause the way it is SPVP playerbase will completly vanish.
  6. OK. But if they dont nerf it this whole forum has the right to create a new necro and name it "junkjunk.8971 can kiss my B U 2x T". They further have the right to follow you for a whole day on a map of your choice and you wont report them. Deal?
  7. Have you ever used rune of antitoxin? Its awesome. kittens all condi classes with my ingi/ranger. Not like i needed it but harbinger is freeloot with this. Plus the weapon swap cleasing sigil and condi can kiss my B U 2x T.
  8. Ok now i get it. You sir are a masochist! - You are playing a specc which is bad but refuse to adapt to the meta. - You join the necro forum and insult necros. - You further whine about how good necro is compared to your lacking but preffered class! Conclusion: You want the hate! You love the hate! Dont you? You dirty little boy. Whose a dirty little boy? Yes, you are a dirty little boy. Enough for you? Can we now close the topic?
  9. Isnt that a little bit to simple? I mean GW2 isnt rocket science. Most dps rotations are 3-5 buttons sometimes less. Skill in spvp is about how you position, rotate, teamplay and use your cds to counter your opponent. In this regard there are either a bunch of braindead speccs or none. So can you easily do dmg as a harbinger? Sure. Can you kitten up when positioned wrong? Also true. I guess its all about your definition of skill and your expectation of the game. In roaming thats true. Only Deadeye and WB is more toxic. But thats mostly because of cele gear. Harbinger on cele is
  10. Dunno mate im playing for fun from gold 3 to plat 2 with untamed, harbinger and specter mainly. Sometimes Bladesworn. But i personally see quite different builds. I mean its just my personal experience and i dont have any data backing up the whole match making (is there a site to provide data?). Im just curious if you really run into 4 harbinger and 6 wb per match or is this a hyperbole. I get that they are very strong compared to the lacking meta but everytime im reading a thread it sounds like the whole playerbase is 50% guard 30% necro and the 20% of the rest. Person
  11. Did you troll a guy called trollingdemigod? Isnt that forbidden? I mean its ironic. We dont like this here.
  12. OR how about we buff the rest to make the game faster and more interesting. Buff their counter idk. Warriors of this forum aid me! To my side!
  13. Ok so they were nerfed but not enough. Just came back some months before EOD and had the impression the game became really slow. From what i remember people kept dieing left and right. No rezz possible. And now its more like there are 2 classes that play like the old meta the rest just cant keep up. So why dont buff those classes to be on par? Cause i personally really like the faster gameplay. Cause everytime i look up some forum threads its always "this is broken, nerf this kitten". Why not demand buffs for underperfoming speccs. Whats a counter to necro? Warrior. Just buff them.
  14. Didnt they nerf necro elixiers plus the blood trait line and rezz sigil on support guard?
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