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  1. LOL. This has to be a joke. Go out into WvW...neato! Small groups of people are DUELING in a Open map SIEGE world. Its soooo good hardly anyone plays!!! But its great!
  2. But its NOT fun. Thats what hes basically stating. Its all about FOTM till the next 6 month patch hits. Face rolling "CERTAIN CLASSES" AOE/knock-down/snare/cant-move/bunker BS and somehow this is supposed to be fun??? Sorry the guys on point. Its just once again Anets lack of ANY type of PvP management/balance. It blows my mind how they cant figure out that "non-stop cant control my character and rings of non-stop toxic aoe death all over the place" is somehow "skill" or fun. Its pathetic. You have a great game and a REAL chance to pick up WoW pvp players. Never see
  3. its NOT the game. Its a setting you have in your 'comptuer audio' settings whatever brand you are using. I had this issue on my laptop and it was the surround settings in the audio realtek advanced. You need to turn off the enhancements or you will get the craziness where its missing voices unless you face them etc...
  4. Wont give them another dime. Purchased this so called "NEW EXPANSION' for the "upcoming Pvp and WvW!". Haven't even logged in since this expansion was released. Straight lied. i'm out.
  5. Well I got took. I bought into the "PVP HYPE TRAIN FOR EOD!!!". Purchased the collectors EOD. Look at release notes, Never even installed. Thats the last dollar they get from me ever. I'm done with these companies false hype just to get more sales. Purchased a stupid expansion of garbage PVE and wont even touch it.
  6. Hey NEATO! What's that, want to RANK PVP??? Well folks, all you do is get out of the starter area, (5 minutes) then ding ding ding!!! Now you too can QUE FOR RANKED PVP! Yup, its just that easy. Been like this for years but good ole Anet just wont put a simple LOCK on this. Wouldn't solve everything but sure would FIX this stupid garbage of lvl 1=80s farming/botting. Ridiculous.
  7. Game is growing...not sure what this poster is trying to start. I see more and more returning players such as myself, and its just fun. NOT happy with the lack of PVP content/updates. They have dead WvW maps which could sooooo easily be updated and would bring over even more players. But overall the game is fun/engaging/good. good time to be playing.
  8. I agree with the above but not the rest of these posts. The downstate in it's current form is NOT pvp. It's a broken cheese mechanic that is abused aka jumping off cliffs to rezz etc. Takes MORE time banging on someone laying there. That's not pvp..it's annoying. Then again sounds like the playerbase in gw2 IS all pvers at heart. I guess I see why it is what it is....
  9. Why do we even have these down-states? The maps are bumping right now and this pvp feels waaaayyy more visceral getting a "kill shot" vs the "sponge" lay there and keep taking hits downstate. Why are they even a thing? I guess if the PVE content needs/requires it...great. But having them in PvP just sucks compared to this current event! Please just remove them, the PvP feels fresh and exciting!
  10. I mean incentive. Look, You have 3 maps around the eternal war map. Those 3 maps are just lifeless. Nobody cares, its just standing on points and watching them flip. Why not revamp and place epic mobs out there, dungeon caverns that go deep and the lower you go the more massive the mobs become with drops/items etc. Have these area's contested because if you dangle the carrot there, people WILL show up which will cause fights/reason. Right now, its flip a node standing around and go in circles..boring mobs, boring camps..just boring. This game has so much
  11. I come back to this game year after year...same old problem. The END game pvp is just TERRIBLE. Its not the classes/skills/mobs...its the POINTLESSNESS of it. Are they going to do ANYTHING to address this? I mean, all they would have to do is introduce a PVE/PVE centralized dungeon in the maps to farm world bosses/epic mobs..and cause CONFLICT. Shoot, even a dungeon or map could open up for the "side" that has the most keeps held...just SOMETHING besides this ill thought out point flipping mob scarcity boredom world. I was all excited about the expansion, pur
  12. NO, those things just turn a game into mid/max and its terrible in EVERY game. WoW a prime example.
  13. Look, the game is turning out GREAT...but you HAVE to let these guys change the Mech COLOR! All I see are these big GREEN glowing mechs bouncing around... Please, give them an option to somehow change the "color" or glow..even if its just like a set 5 colors....otherwise this just looks so over the top generic! thank you, and great job so far. 🙂
  14. turn off your overclocking. alt f4 crash is hardware related.
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