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  1. One note: The spotlight weeks are not weeks to finish each chapters. They are weeks for replaying it for veterans, and to unlock it for newbies. You login once the week period, you get the chapter for free, forever. You can then keep working on it to play it on your own tempo. Btw. this is same as previously. If you logged into the game for 10 seconds once per 3 months during all the years, you would have all unlocked for free as well.
  2. As stated in title, the daily (generic pve) achievement "Daily Fractal" should be achieved by doing any single fractal. However, if one picks Sunqua Peak 75, this didn't happened (we got it when finishing next fractal).Don't know if other tiers award it, but it looks like the new fractal was forgotten to be added into the list of fractals that are eligible for this generic daily achievement.
  3. Hello, is it only me, or any new response mission was unlocked with this update? Why they even run the event when the Ebon Response mission is not playable?
  4. Please just give us option to hide the button. Thanks. It is the most annoying button in the game, completely destroying any order in inventory.
  5. The main problem of "wanna play with same-skilled people" is that you learn nothing from them. They learn nothing from you. One of my greatest step ups in my skill was to get better people joining our "some kp" groups. At least those who were eager to share tips and knowledge, instead of pinging 250+kp and suck more than people who never did the cm, then blaming the rest of the team. So many times we had high kp guys being completely useless, and so many times quite new people were good enough to have flawless run. And many times we had extraordinary runs when better people joined and we got s
  6. The big brain move after reading about problem was not to login. So we couldn't do anything for whole day, yet we are not in affected category. Feels weird.
  7. The main problem with idea of Strikes as a lure for raids is that even if those people get good there step by step, they can't access raids because the "friendly" community there will not allow them because they don't have killproofs, even if they can do dps and mechanics on par with everyone else. That is the main reason why the audience is so small. All those killproof currencies should have been abolished as step one, so people actually determined how players are good not before the fight, but during it.
  8. yeah, they can finally ppt during the night and day too now :) Vabbi is mostly void server now. The language racism from german links made it unplayable for Vabbi people for months, who could, did left to other servers. Only really few people are on Vabbi at this moment...
  9. I would say that collectively, we as players are already quite good, everyone is equipped, everyone knows where to copy builds from, and so on....so of course things will feel to be easy compared to years ago when only few were on such tier of knowledge about the game. Especially when you have map full of people. Nowadays no boss fails with full maps, that's it. However, I would like to see more dead bodies in this fight as well. Give like 3x more dps to Drakkar and then it will be fine as it is. If someone dies, give him respawn beacon to the cave where we met Wolf spirit. However, please fi
  10. You all heard Randulf, I'll run downstairs and tell everyone to hold the update. (I will not do that, don't worry. ;) ) Thanks Rubi! Lots of us are very excited! ME TOO! Honestly everyone here is. We are super excited to get this into your hands. I really love how you decided to answer two fluff posts, and skip the 'hey, you had months to make it work, why are you doing it now' one. Because it wasn't a fair comment prob. Every game has preparations to be made on the live day where a major patch is concerned. It's not a case of not doing it earlier, it's a case of - this is how it works
  11. My question is: When new elite specializations arrive, will we get one more template slot for free tied to the purchase made to get that specialization? (let's say expansion) It would make quite good selling point for that expansion on top of the rest.
  12. Maybe you would talk differently if you would be stuck for hours in pvp map after it bugs out. Or if it would bugged out during finals, not giving away any rewards.
  13. Okay, my question is... We just got new fan video from Noxxi Greenrose ( ) , what is the cinematics team's take on this and can we get those types of videos from them as well? Because the format of video and the action and such looks pretty well accepted by viewers, hyping them about the game (as original for BL2, same as this parody for GW2). I would probably say that we got similar "tone" of videos with Sandswept Isles (first half), and more back for April fools with A.R.E.N.A. squad ("that's big chinken") , but I think there is more space for more, definitely. So what they say? Can we ge
  14. Americans can easily underestimate the rivality across european nations.
  15. For PoF metas, I would love to see Desert Highlands treasure bonus event to be more streamlined, let's say, similar how you can loot SW chests...so you can actually take a party of people and run the map in circle (probably single circle in time limit, but still). And add Amalgamated gemstone as rare loot from those superior treasures (so gettable only in the bonus time window). Would make getting those treasures definitely interesting for many, those map kits would not be deemed trash anymore, and would fix the zero ability to get amalgamated gemstones by playing PoF only.
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