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  1. I'm of 2 minds on this idea. On one hand, I feel this change lessens the accomplishments of all the players who have completed the Dive Master as it currently is by giving all future players an easier time getting the same reward. I earned Dive Master the hard way, why should anyone else get it with less effort? Further, a lot of players have managed to get the achievement, so it falls in the "challenging but not unreasonably hard" category. On the other hand, this is a hard dive to get. I hated doing it, it took me quite a few tries (thank you kind mesmers!) I would
  2. Sandswept Isles is a really good location. Not only are there plenty of easy monsters to kill on land, you can find plenty of underwater mobs to kill if you want to work on aquatic Weapon Master achievements. Dragonfall is also a good option. There's almost always someone tagged up for events as well, so more karma! Plus plenty of potential loot. Domain of Kourna is a great option right now. Plenty of mobs to kill in the southern region, and it's easy to finish the Halloween achievement Ancient Grudge (Kill 100 awakened, NOT including Awakened Inquest). After Hallow
  3. Which fight are you referring to? You fight him twice in LWS3 and three times in PoF. In one of the fights, you CANNOT win (not saying which to avoid spoiling).
  4. I just tested it, and you are right. Identified gear cannot be placed into shared inventory slots, even though it is not soul/account bound. I've submitted an in game bug report, and would suggest you do the same. This is a quote of what I wrote in the bug support submission, if anyone wants to copy: (submitted under Inventory- Player Inventory)
  5. Is genuine AFK farming legal? No. You are expected to be at your computer most of the time that you are in game. However, semi-afk activity is tolerated. For example, reading a book while you sit at your computer letting your pet kill stuff. Should you report them? There is no harm in reporting anyone you suspect of being an afk farmer or bot. ANet GMs will investigate and take appropriate actions. Will afkers get banned? Probably not, at least for the first offense. ANet rarely hands out permanent bans. They have found that warnings and suspensions are more
  6. I usually get enough suet to make an elixir just by killing Icebrood wolves and trolls to fill the 2 NW area hearts (Grawl and Baby Griffin). I don't seem to get much suet from Icebrood spiders or elementals, though that might just be bad luck. I rarely bother with Svanir, aquatic or Mushroom mobs, so I really can't say whether they're any good to farm suet. I do notice that suet drops seem to be in clusters. So I may kill 10 mobs with no drops, then the next 10-15 all drop some. It all boils down to rng though, so nothing is 100% guaranteed.
  7. Ascended is in no way obsolete. Making a legendary item is a huge investment in resources. You can make many ascended items for the cost of 1 legendary. So unless you have a huge amount of money to throw around, you will still be using ascended gear for a long time before you can fill all your slots with legendaries.
  8. I use all the stat-specific agony infusions that I have (only a few), because why wouldn't I use them in ascended gear? Since I don't do fractals that often, I fill the rest of my ascended gear with WvW stat infusions. There's no reason not to max out your gear if you have the means to do it.
  9. In order to go into an Elite Specialization, you have to put points into the skill tree. You need to put a total of 250 skill points into the Elite Spec to fully unlock it, but you can switch to it and use its weapon after you unlock the first skill. In order to use the Elite Spec, you need to assign it to your 3rd specialization on your hero panel.
  10. If you decide to save it, be sure to consolidate it at an artificer crafting station. This is doable at 0 Artificer crafting skill. Just search for "luck" at the station and the recipes will come up. You can consolidate Fine, Masterwork and Rare essences into Exotic to save room.
  11. Generally, the best thing to do at your level is salvage gear and sell it. Low-Mid level salvaged materials are usually more valuable than top level materials. Alternately, salvage gear and use it to level crafting skills you are interested in. Or salvage and hoard the materials for later. Junk items (which are actually labelled Junk Items) can be sold without fear. They are literally Junk! Story items and collection items that don't have a sell price in the description can usually be destroyed without fear. If in doubt. check the GW2 Wiki. It's a very good source of info.
  12. You also cannot dismount while in the air. So if you hit a microbump that causes the roller beetle to "jump" a little, you can't dismount until he hits the ground. It's really easy to catch a little air while rolling at high speed, so that makes dismounting a little tricky. The only 100% surefire way to dismount anywhere is Bond of Faith.
  13. Instead, can we get a trader that will let us get rid of Auric Dust, Bottles of Airship Oil, and Ley Line Sparks? These are far more useless than Bloodstone/Dragonite/Stars, and just pile up in storage.
  14. None of the HoT Masteries are needed to craft legendaries, so you may be farming in the wrong areas. The Legendary Crafting Mastery you need to train in order to craft Legendaries is a CENTRAL TYRIAN Mastery, not a Maguma Mastery. So you cannot gain XP for it in ANY HoT or LWS3 map. Silverwastes is probably the best area in Central Tyria to farm XP. Doing World Bosses is an option if you get bored in Silverwastes. Doing the dailies is also a way to get a bit of extra XP and break the monotony of farming.
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