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  1. Spirits need the same treatment at the old scrapper gyros. An unlikable pulsing effect around the ranger with adjusted actives.
  2. Too many class controls to micromanage.Lack of direction on espec role.Also honestly, just bad design. Make pet a living shade in one of the forms that is either unlikable or can cast pet shade skills when defeated. (Prefer the first) Put a heavy emphasis on either boon support, cc or boon strip with added damage. Would honestly want all hammer skills to boon rip at least 1 boon (except AA). Either that or make untamed the 'CC King' or all specs in the game. Hammer skills should not share CDs if you want that duality aspect of hammer. Just bad. And all utilities need to be
  3. A brawler ranger espec. Also no one legitimately uses it in WvW where melee balls are a decent portion of organised guild groups. Ignore PvE (save damage coefficients). Fix this one for WvW please.
  4. Spirits need to become Spirit Wisps that follow the ranger around and are not killable by enemy players. Otherwise any change makes them useless in WvW. There is a number of reasons AI companions are bad in WvW but a big one is that they die to enemy groups too easy. If my spirit has the capacity to die to enemy players, it will be dead on arrival for WvW, probably PvP as well.
  5. WvW Perspective. Untamed has 2 really big problems at the moment. 1. It faces the same problem as core ranger. Pets are too squishy and the AI is janky (even with the added controls). 2. Core ranger is already the jack of all trades but master of none. This spec is trying to do the same thing and it falls flat on its face. Changes: 1. Make the pet a scourge shade for all intensive purposes when untamed and either give it a significant damage reduction or make it invulnerable in this form. F1 becomes an AoE teleport placement with
  6. Got a crazy thought/idea. Make Unleased Ranger Pet act similar to a scourge shade. It would be unkillable or take heavily reduced damage. Venomous Outburst becomes a range AoE to place the pet. Its already on a 10sec CD so its not broken. You could then Unleash to move the pet as needed while it is on CD. Could also add/rework a trait so that Rending Vines and Enveloping Haze cast at the Ranger location as well.
  7. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAweFlZw4YPsOGKeSX7P9BEB-zxIY1oj/QCTCkpQoXVgHnmRcAA-e Sigils are based on WvW roaming, I just dont bother swapping them for PvE solo. Bow works over GS depending on situations (change Beastmastery trait). Food/utilities can be changed to up power damage if you need more burst. Energy can be swapped for Bloodlust as well if you like stacking sigils. Muddy Terrain can be swapped for Lightning Reflexes. One thing I will say about this build is your condition damage is an illusion. Just ignore it and treat it as a tanky power build wit
  8. Hyena. My main roaming build (full cele) excels with this pet. More boon duration means more might, quickness and protection. Also 2 CCs and a leap. I like this build so much that it's the one I use for solo/open world PvE as well.
  9. It seems like your trying to make use of the condition damage provided by celestial. Honestly not worth the 2 utility slots. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAweFlZw4YPsOGKeSX7P9SEZQA-z1IY1oj/QCTBkpIoXpgHPAh0bJiVL-w That's my celestial roaming build. It focuses on maintaining quickness and just out lasting your opponent. Also catch them in Prelide Lash to Whirling Defence for good burst. Swap greatsword for bow if needed. Any utility save Dolyak stance can be swapped depending on the situation, Survival and Commands generally provide more. Remove energy on
  10. Alright, time for Hammer and Utility suggestions/feedback (from a mostly WvW perspective) Utilities: Perilous Gift (Heal) - I'm torn on this. On one hand, I like the death invuln, on the other I hate sacrificing my pets health. Would honestly have preferred a Defiant Stance/Facet of Light type of skill for the pet so good pet positioning rewards the ranger. Mutate Conditions - This needs to be looked at. Having a 2nd charge as a cantrip with reduced condition cleanses 5 cleanses (or 3 cleanses with 3 charges even) would make this skill much more functional in compe
  11. The untamed Unleash Pet skills need to work for the ranger as well honestly. Either that or make Unleash Pet form summon the pet back to you so you both fight together side by side (and the pet unleash skills work with the ranger as well). The teleport could teleport both of you to the same target, the boon rip is cast at the ranger as well and the ranger should get a smaller gyro like version of the Haze. Some constructive feedback on how to make this spec better. Also give us back the keybinds for pet attack and Callback. I don't mind having 8
  12. Jacaranda is not casting Photosynthesize as untamed.
  13. Even with the added control over pet cooldowns. The sheer fact that I cant call back my pet to me adds so much more frustration and uselessness to the pets. (skill clicking is not viable for competitive game modes). There were a few times my moa, bear and jacaranda were next to enemy players instead of me as I was casting support pet skills. So yeah, loss of Callback keybind hurts and pet ai is even worse off for it.
  14. That trait that removes conditions (Cleansing Unleash), 1 every 10 seconds seems kinda low for a selectable trait? Also, I think they should take a look at ranger pets getting condition removal along with the ranger or bare minimum change every condition cleanse on base ranger (except Signet of Renewel) to also affect the pet.
  15. If the game allows it, maybe the pet takes 100% AoE damage, but it can only be hit by it in certain intervals. e.g 1 AoE hit every half second/second. So the more AoE that is down, the less overall damage it will mitigate. Pets also need some sort of baseline condi cleanse. Something like 1 conditon removed every 5 seconds.
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