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  1. I was thinking, it would've been really cool if, in addition to changing Phantasm skills to self casts, they would have also given Virtuoso access to Physical skills, to go the whole "doing everything yourself" way. This way we would certainly have mobility and a whole unique way to play the class.
  2. Feels like a trick question. Virtuoso did not take a hit/nerf during this beta, because the spec is still just as bad as it was before.
  3. It's true, i finally changed from Mesmer to Necro.
  4. Phantasms are absolute garbage. Ever since they made them single use only, the GS one is pretty much the only one remotely usable.
  5. That i don't really care about, tbh. They are nice people to play with, regardless if you are losing or not, so i'm happy for you to be linked with them 🙂
  6. Bye FSP, i had a lot of fun during our weeks together ❤️ Also very strange to suddenly have a german map chat. I'm not sure if i like it, yet 😄
  7. Mesmer in general is better suited for roaming, simply because clones don't work in large scale fights. Virtuoso getting rid of them in theory makes it more suited for zerg fights if everything else wasn't so bad about it. It would be cool, if the new shatters all were ground-targeted AoE. They can still show the projectiles flying, but just have them not "be" projectiles.
  8. I would love to have a dedicated power shatter spec, it's my favorite playstyle in the game. But as it stands, i'm better off picking any other traitline over Virtuoso and have more shatter support there. The new shatters are worse than the core ones, easily countered, CDs are too long, and there are still no tools to actually stay at range when your opponent just decides to walk up to you.
  9. As nice as Psychic Riposte might sound, it contradicts with why we get ranged shatters (and a ranged weapon) in the first place. You are supposed to stay at range and poke, but need to get closer in order to even get the possibility of an evade, after which it's still up to your opponent on when you get it. Since the spec also has neither mobility nor survivability, you probably just die afterwards.
  10. Virtuoso shatters need to be unblockable, independent of view direction and either instant cast/faster projectile speed or somehow make up for being so slow to even be remotely usable. Also, please give either Virtuoso or (better) core Mesmer 25% movespeed. Mesmer and Guardian are the only classes to not have some way to achieve this without having to sacrifice their runes, with Guardian having access to it on 2 elite specs compared to only Chrono for Mesmer + everything else that guardian has going on for it right now. Additionally, and since you seem to want to go in that direction, cha
  11. I would love for the "blades" to not be as passive as they are right now. Just make them attack our targets whenever we do (with beams or similar, please no projectiles), so they can trigger clone passives. Then add sustain to the class, revert shatters (now only PBAoE since clones don't wander around) and we might finally have a more bruiser-like spec and no longer be forced to stick at max range.
  12. According to the wiki, the burn applied by Cauterize ignores both your condition damage and duration.
  13. I'm pretty sure T1 bursts being bad in combination with Spellbreaker is by design, since there should be a tradeoff when switching between core and specialized classes (in this way, classes like Chronomancer and Daredevil are badly designed, because they are simply superior to their core classes). The same goes for 100B, which hits like a truck, so they opted to not have an enabler on the same weapon.
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