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  1. I wish the hat was a head skin instead of being part of the outfit, maybe with some hair on it. It would enable the "Mexican revolutionary" look.
  2. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tribal_armor My charr rocks the cook's outfit. I thought you might like it since it looks minimal.
  3. The real choice isn't between those two options, the choice is between each of the options. Even so, the poll clearly shows that actually many people want to focus into living world and they probably are a majority judging by Anet's decisions. They clearly know what they are doing.
  4. Weakness? Thats a huge nerf. The knock-back is nothing compared to weakness.
  5. The sound is currently broken on Deadeye and on Engi. Only works for warrior. I hope we see a fix on this.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ironsight_Bolt_Thrower
  6. Why would you write it that way? Are you deliberately trying to confuse people that care to read your post? I don't get it.
  7. I don't mind that we don't have a weapon swap, I really don't think we need it. But if Anet wants to take this approach, they should be careful to make sure that the new weapon compliments either the pistols or the rifle. Engi needs a melee weapon. In fact I would like Anet to add a new melee weapon to engi without it being E-Spec locked, a core weapon, a weapon that you can use with any E-Spec. Could make for interesting build-crafting and it would certainly be reinvigorating.
  8. So, any news? Any reliable fix?
  9. Also :D stop :) putting :D smileys :) after :) every :) fucking :) sentence :D.
  10. Ele has low HP but its kit comes with tones of sustain and damage mitigation which make it not that squishy at all (and which I think justifies the low HP). Bunker Tempest was a fine example of that.
  11. This. @Moira Shalaar.5620 you don't even need to purchase it at all*. The option exists solely for the purpose of crafting multiples. Edit: *And I mean not at all, not even once.
  12. With the current levels of damage mitigation, heals and sustain that are in the game, Warrior damage seems fair to me. All the bursts and especially eviscerate, are super telegraphed as well.
  13. Gw2 has areas that can be used for dueling but what we are asking for is not another area that, with a little bit of luck, can be used for dueling, we are asking for a direct duel option. As it has been stated before there are numerous reasons as to why someone wouldn't want this basic option to be missing. And I am pretty sure that any PvP player coming from another successful MMO to Gw2 would be hugely disappointed to find this basic of an option missing, as was I.
  14. Mate, I didn't say that the majority of the player base wants duels, I said that the people who want duels and will legitimately use them are a majority compared to the trolls.
  15. You experience isn't something that can tell you much about this situation without it being highly biased.
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