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  1. Maguuma and SF have been spawn camping all of EBG for several days now. Make it stop, please.
  2. Everything is nice, but many people have an issue with the ears on the cockatiel face griffon. If you just removed the ears, it would look perfectly fine.
  3. Deviantart doesn't like hotlinking, so they will just be standard links: Multiple tail 'wings': https://deviantart.com/allagar/art/Lady-of-the-Mountains-827921818 Very complex and unique dragons: https://deviantart.com/christopheronciu/art/Gold-Dragon-rev-566103594
  4. I've had this happen before a few times. Good stuff. No boundary warnings or anything.
  5. There are red lined going along the skyscale's eyes and around it's hornes. They cannot be dyed and they stand out a lot and ruin a lot of the dye looks. If these lines could be fixed to match the rest of the dyable eye-marking slot, that would be great.
  6. The chicken will down you, just heal yourself and everything is fine. Plus, you will get a title and an achievement 'chicken chaser'
  7. I think we have one or two but they are older, non-dyeable ones. I wouldn't mind fairy wings, although they are not high on my priority list.
  8. I'm personally not into the more gimmicky skins. But if you like it, that's good. Everyone has their own tastes and it's not as bad as it could be.
  9. They know there's demand. Here's to hoping that EoD will feature new customization options. I really want some true long hairstyles.
  10. I'm honestly not into bodysuits. I'm waiting for more non-combat clothes to wear around.
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