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Easy to use Deadeye build for wvw roaming?


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This is the double-rifle build that roamers use.  Or... something close to it.  There's a lot of finer points and utility changes that people make.  Note that the above build is best for fighting other players, and not necessarily for taking camps, towers, or keeps.  If you want a build to do that, use this one below:


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Note that Rifle/Rifle is really going all-in on mosquito style play but limits your ability to engage with players who have lots of anti-projectile skills or understand how to time their dodges to negate your sneak attack, pressure you in melee, and LOS you via terrain. (Having Roll for Initiative and Quick Pockets does allow you to get back some Initiative even when you can't land Death's Judgement, though.)

You will also need to practice using about-face movement so you can use Death's Retreat / Withdraw / Roll for Initiative to actually catch up with people who decide to run away, or just avoid yeeting yourself off a cliff.

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I run both condi DE and DPS DE in WvW (pending what im up against as condi isnt strong against everyone). My condi actually DOESNT use trickery (whaaaaaaaaaa?) and dont remember if my DPS does either. Both are annoying to fight against from what im told (esp my nekkid condi DE). Both use Rifle and dagger/pistol (or pistol/dagger if condi).

Like what the initial responder said, DE is the biggest hit and run classes and legit many many builds can achieve this technically...however pending what your goal is in WvW you may need to tweak some things. Im far from a meta man (hate using meta, prefer to use unique builds) as well, all about how you use your build (play style/strategies/timings...etc) I have some old condi vids on my YT however in the process of making more (getting more clips as I also co-main DPS druid in WvW as well)

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21 minutes ago, ZeroSkitzo.5403 said:

Hey! Watched your vids and read comments. Out of curiosity - any other rune viable over thief just for testing your build before investing in them? I was thinking infiltration. 


Any other condi rune would technically work better. You'd get the condi bonus duration and slightly more condi damage. But those are just as or more expensive than Thief runes.

The reason for my choice of Thief runes is because they add a large amount of precision so you can have better interaction with malice generation. But you can get away with less precision (or take more Rampagers stat armor if you are feeling like the Malice generation isn't working out). 

Infiltration runes have some precision (100 total versus 300 on Thief). But the focus on power damage won't help you as much as the condi damage you get from Thief (175 power versus 100 condi).


Given the price being so low I'd say you can afford to try it out, just knowing you will be down 200 precision and 100 condi compared to Thief runes. 

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