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jade bot / mount, glider and others +3 upgrade component

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19 hours ago, Yellow Rainbow.6142 said:

so, does it drop from meta and strike mission or not? I have not got single one of them after may be 50+ total meta and 25+ eod strike.

I am not sure if these item should be RNG. It's not shinny stuff but rather game utilities.

It's all random. I guess I was lucky in dropping one from a meta that's sitting in my bank now 😉.

Fortunately none of these are essential to using the features, they just buff them a little bit more. As such I'd classify them as "nice to have" and personally don't see a problem with them being rare.

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Yeah I’m done chasing the dragon for +3 jadebot horsemanure. I have spent 5500 imperial favor on the aurene sword and great sword. I have spent 8000 on extra meta chests on top of doing de successfully almost every day, as well as the other map metas many times. I have exactly nothing to show for it. I also spent 2 stacks of wvw reward track potions to get more imperial favor. I’m tapped out. Either arena net makes these purchaseable from a vendor directly or allows magic find to work on the meta chests or something but I’m not farming 1.33 legendaries worth of imperial favor every week for this crap. I’ll probably keep doing the reward track and occasionally buy some chests when I have 4k. I hate account bound rng stat upgrades locked behind a low drop rate 2hr meta chest. It’s making me crazy.

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