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Finished the story (Spoiler free)

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After weeks of playing around with the new Elite specs and exploring Cantha I finally got around to finishing the storyline, and I loved it.


I've been playing GW2 since day 1 almost 10 years ago, although I've had other games on the go throughout the years GW2 has always held a special place in my heart, and remained a consistently well looked after and fun MMORPG to log into and play. The Dragon Saga has been a great story to play through for many years, and for me the conclusion was very satisfying and amazing to witness.


I never played the first Guild Wars so going into Cantha blind was a great experience. I loved the design of the 4 new maps, the narrative of the story and addition of skiffs/fishing and the Jade Bot was a lot of fun to play around with. The icing on the cake for me was the song "A World Without You" that we get to hear at the end of the story, which I'll be honest brought a tear to my eye.


As a big fan of the game for so many years I wanted to take the time to come here and express my gratitude to the developers of this amazing game for giving us all this epic and beautiful world to be a part of for the past decade, and I look forward to seeing what the future has to bring.


Love you all xx

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How didn't killing Soo-Won make you feel like a pile of trash? I don't know what it is, but there's this really bizarre lack of empathy in the GW2 community. If it doesn't look like me, I hate it! I mean, I recall the very acerbic, vitriolic reaction to the charr.

There will always be the patronising and sardonic sorts who'll—and it's so droll—ask if one can tell the difference between reality and a story, without at all realising that a very imaginative, very empathetic person can get very immersed in a story. And it can feel uncomfortable to play a character who seems like they often act in very psychopathic ways.

The truth is is that the writers could've easily have written in a way of saving Soo-Won, I mean. I did it myself in a few seconds and it reads at least as well as any magical macguffin bolstered by thaumobabble that the writers themselves have mustered up to.

Joon: I've been using my technology to study Aurene's unusual thaumaturgical matrix and I think I've finally nailed the facet of it that grants her immunity to the Void. Give me—Give me a moment, I think I can reconfigure the extractor to modify Soo-Won's matrix to cast out the Dragonvoid and keep it out. Cover me while I push some buttons!

Other than for shock value—ooh, so drama, suffering is such a novelty—there isn't a single good reason why Soo-Won couldn't have remained alive. I've also provided a story path too in which Soo-Won could've served as a background character while the player heads into a second story arc in the Mists, against the Dragonvoid.

I just... I don't understand why it isn't upsetting. Soo-Won is written to be the most benevolent, loving, caring, kind character in all of Guild Wars 2. She created the world, after all. Why feel nothing for her? Why cheer and boast at her death? I don't really understand.

Plus, we still have the story holes of how Aurene can somehow filter things that six dragons—including Soo-Won herself, who's much more powerful—couldn't filter the Void while she somehow can. And also now that the Commander has killed the one Goddess of all creation, what do you fight next? Killing the Goddess of all creatin is kind of jumping the shark. How do you up the ante now? It's either going to get really ridiculous or the Commander will end up narratively nerfed for some reason.

It isn't a story that worked well for me. It had a decnet enough start, and it had some highs earlier on, but I haven't seen such an incredible inability to write a compelling ending other than Chibnall's era of Doctor Who.

I'm just... I'm disappointed and a little heartbroken (again, after what happened with Jormag as if that wasn't bad enough). I don't know how anyone could want to play as the kind of psychopath who'd want to kill someone like Aurene. As I've also said prior, my Commander would put their foot down and demand that Joon, Taimi, Gorrik, and whatever other resident geniuses we have put their heads together to find a way to save Soo-Won.

Edit: No, I'm not going to hit you with a Confused emoji or anything ridiculous like that. Your opinion is your own. I just don't understand it. I can't relate to it. I never will.

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12 minutes ago, wayneericgouin.9371 said:

But we didn't kill Soo-Wan. I assume you haven't done the meta event at all.


The story leading up to the fight with Soo Won has Joon trying desperately to recapture her while the commander and Taimi have to convince her it's futile. We save the world and then are forced to watch her die.

I sort of understand where wulf is coming from. Most grieving is done off screen and implied for the sake of moving the plot forward and getting us to gameplay. Huge losses - parents, siblings - do not result in heroic BSoDs or personality/MO shifts. Even the least sympathetic protagonists lack truly selfish motives. This combination of factors leads to a lack of grey morality, which outside of Disney lends to boring stories (jk, Disney stories are lame). How much heartbreak can there really be when all of the heroes are always willing to sacrifice themselves and each other for the greater good? When mistakes made are never a result of impure motives but of simple human error?

It would have felt more natural if Aurene had let her emotions get the best of her. She is young. She has the strongest connection to Soo Won and therefore the most reason to act selfishly despite significant risk. Maybe she could have asked commander and co. to delay the procedure or precluded it altogether while attempting to filter the void magic on her own in such a way that would save both the world and Soo Won. Her failure can even cost some lives (consequences, how do they work) and cause an episode of social isolation or self-loathing, which would lend credibility to the idea commander keeps pushing that she's more human than she looks/is allowed to be. It would also be a good setup for a believable face-heel turn to complete villainy, or at the very least a journey to atonement and self-forgiveness.

Right now, everyone is too morally upright, even when they have some solid reasons not to be.


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I'm wondering if @Hypnowulf.7403has ever felt this worked well in other franchises.

Do you have the same feelings about the MCU's Infinity War, for example? Not only are two characters taken to the point where they kill the person they love in order to save the universe, their choice to do so is stolen from them after the fact, making it even more gut wrenching.

Is it really a problem that ArenaNet chose the story to go this way, or that they missed something in doing it well? Like not getting the mourning afterward right? Or not adequately establishing the lead up?

As to another "we just figured out the tech that will save us" moment, it feels to me like we have entirely too much of that in the overall story as it is.

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I felt the same. I thought it was a really great conclusion to it all, it definitely had me in tears a few times throughout, especially during that final battle. Made me very thankful I'd stuck with this game all these years and got to experience these stories. I felt like it tied up things well imo and that really sweet epilogue for two of my faves was just the icing on the cake really 🙂 ❤️Loving the strikes and the metas so far, the new maps are beautiful and the storytelling and dialogue is probably the best of any release yet imo (which is saying a lot, because the whole of LS4 was absolutely incredible) looking forward to the future!


It's actually come as a huge surprise how negative people on here are being about it all, so I'm glad to find a thread like this. Outside of the reddit/forums, most people I know echo this kind of sentiment and have really enjoyed the xpac too, but I guess not everything released is going to be everyones cup of tea. Definitely a 10/10 expansion in my eyes though, I'm working through all the additional collections now that I've completed the story and I'm enjoying them a lot!


A huge thank you to everyone who's hard work made EoD happen ❤️

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I feel like the ending went where it had to go for it all to carry the weight it needed.

Now, when the story resumes, if someone figures out the tech that would have allowed us to get a better ending? THEN we can get some grief on display as the people involved berate themselves for not seeing how it could be done in time. I kind of hope that's what happens.

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