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[Vindicator] Please Fix Vassals of the Empire+Song of Arboreum

Master Ketsu.4569

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So now that Saint of zu Heltzer build has been nerfed out of PvP, wanting to play Vind in PvP leaves some limited options. One of which is builds based on Vassals of the Empire (VotE).

But there is a problem. The VotE boon duration increase is borked when used with SoA,  granting the boon increase just a microsecond before SoA grants Vigor. This means the traits are effectively bugged and do not benefit each other ( SoA Vigor does not get increased by VotE ).

This would be a very small buff to a struggling build, and it would be more of a bugfix than a buff since this seems from reading the tooltips how the traits are supposed to work anyways.

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7 hours ago, Virdo.1540 said:

Maybe anet wants it to be that way

That's why I am giving this its own thread instead of a snippet in the bug thread. We don't actually know if this is a true bug or not.

My main point is that if it is a bug, then obviously it should be fixed. But if it's intentional, then the reasoning behind it being intentional is no longer valid since SoA has been nerfed, so it should be changed to work as the tooltips suggest.

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On 8/5/2022 at 3:06 PM, Tulkas.2576 said:

Does the resolution from Resolute Evasion get extended by Vassals?

Yes it gets extended, Anet seems to have a hard time combining effects together. At least with Revenant because I don't see complains like that anywhere else.

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