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Alliances are an improvement


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On 8/16/2022 at 10:25 AM, Kit.3798 said:

At what point are people like you going to realize that Anet also needs the negative feedback aka we, the players that dont enjoy the current beta, to make improvements?

I'm kinda late to the party with this, but:

To give them feedback on the matchup algorithm would require them to run the matchup algorithm in the first place and we quite frankly don't know if they are doing that yet for these betas. That would be complaining about things in a beta that are not being tested in that beta, which is quite different to giving justified feedback on things being tested.

If there's one thing I'd give you it is that they should one-hundred percent be more informative and forthcomming with what they are testing or not with their betas so we can give them more accurate and relevant feedback. That part is their fault, not our fault as players.



Other than that, I'd say that the real alarming things with this beta or the game as it stands now is the lack of apparent progression. The hype (ie., new/returning players) is long gone and even general interest in the betas and testing them is waining.

The whole "lulul, we did nothing for 4 years, lied to you, and feel like it's not worth doing more to make it up to you" (as focus is now yet again back on instanced PvE; for some unknown and rudderless reason - or the steam release that seems to get pushed out now when they have barely had lift off on one or two things in the new direction of development that got some rudder at least in terms of goals: ie., one strike that has met the goal, two world bosses fixed within the NPE and both PvP modes still in complete shambles; it just seems like so few things flung at the wall will stick right now) along with that we have now seen just 4 betas in a full year (4/65) with each beta feeling and playing similar to next, with just fewer established groups participating (resulting in a less-reliable test bed).

Well, it's just not very reassuring. I hope they have some surprises tucked away. It feels like Anet themselves have run stuck in what you can call the "Teapot WvW problem" of simply running out of things to talk about because there is nothing new to talk about with development not progressing, so they have to talk about other things and suddenly that's all they talk about. Throughout this beta 4, the vibe that even Anet themselves gave out were more like "Yawn, let's run beta 2 again to make them shut up and pretend we do something, then assure them that we actually do care". That's just old-Anet quality of communication and general behaviour all over.

Now, it might just be my circles of friends, I don't know, but we've gone from people pulling friends back and being actively engaged with the betas and in their overall progression, to the friends they pulled in disappearing again, to the people who pulled them in disappearing now. This thing just looming on for years and years again is not very good for the mode. There's more to say about this last point (numbers, content; amount but level of competition, brawn and why players detached themselves from maps or quit the game) but it feels like this one post is long enough already, with too many branches off the same trunk.

Actually, I'll spoiler wrap it, one of the few good things Anet finally did manage to (re-)implement in the past two years ūüėõ .



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I think it sucks, but that's admittedly because the beta took me out of the ROFLstomp that was the Mag/FC link for a week and denied me easy first place pips. 


If I'd been in a mediocre matchup I think it would've been about the same. Was on Moogaloo for the record, it wasn't really that bad. 

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Alliances is not an improvement to the WvW game mode . . . automating team creation then creating "balanced" match-ups is HORRIBLE & will allow Mega-Guild officers to dictate how players can or can not join their Guild when trying to get to & enjoy content.

We need a Better Match-Up Model & Design using existing game mechanics . . . consider doing 3 things to change this WvW game mode to encourage healthy competitive match-ups that encourage a natural cycle of life & re-birth of long term communities . . . imho

1) Assign each World a "Home" map to defend in a King of Hill mode using a WvW Server's rank to determine the King.
2) Allow players to weekly pick any 2 Enemy Servers to "Raid" using Server Guesting modified for WvW
3) Only reward players for attacking Enemy maps that's ranked higher than their Home Server's ranking.


See - Chapter 4 - for full context


Yours truly,

Credibility requires critical insight & time.


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On 8/13/2022 at 12:30 PM, Riba.3271 said:

Honestly alliances are fun: lot of action and everyone gets kills since people can't stack empty servers and leave some servers underpopulated.

Our team had the Outmanned buff for an entire week.


We got kitten on hard. It was kittening kitten.

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