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Suggestions for devs regarding Elementalist


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Hello all o/


Here are some suggestions I think would make ele way better:


-Glyphs of elementals (lessers + elite) should not disappear when mounting. It's really annoying. Especially that it requires 2 minutes to cast 3 elementals...having them going off when mounting is...yeah.

-Rework the arcane utilities to offer more choices. Arcane shield is super great! Others... could shine a bit more.

-Make lightning flash as relevant as other classes (Range and cooldown especially).

-Rework the alacrity mechanic. Maybe make alac pulse when casting an overload.

-Rework the Grandmaster talents in Tempest so Lucid Singularity & Elemental Bastion. Heal tempest should normally take Elemental Bastion, but atm.. wants to cover Alac so we have to make a choice that doesn't make sense.

-Rework jade sphere mechanic: remove energy cost (it has a cooldown) + make it non-static (will greatly improve the playability).

-Rework Grand Finale: accidentally double pressing it (even if being ultra careful about not double pressing it) and seeing the whole build up go away is...yeah. Best way for this to not happen is casting it when casting another skill, but I think it could shine a little bit more!


Amazing job to all the dev team, hope to see great changes on Elementalist 🙂


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Remove all temporary toughness and replace it by dmg reduction. Temp toughness from skills is bad for some encounters. Rock Barrier still has it, Signet of Earth still has it. Most others got removed for the same reason already, but these 2 where missing.

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Wait did you say the buggy arcane shield is better that the other arcane abilities?

Doesn't even always trigger its traits.

The others while not amazing are more useful especially when traited compared to arcane shield. 


I agree with lighting flash, most outdated ane left behind blink utility in the game.


Also agree about tempest grandmasters. While I can heal without EB it is pretty much the healing trait for tempest. And no healer would go without bringing alac or quickness. Which now makes Elemental Bastion a dead trait. Might be better to move it to master or merge it with the alac trait.


Agree regarding the sphere's energy mechanic, it's rather pointless and just adds unnecessary clutter and clunk to the spec. 

Not sure about making it mobile though...


Grand finale sure, needs a bit of help there especially when you're playing sweaty rotations, the risk of firing it off early is higher.

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Proposed rework for ele: 

core utilities:
arcane brilliance: improve base healing by 20%
Conjure skills: no longer cast item on ground, reduce casting time by 0.5 sec and make it like a toolkit
signet of water: impove healing power by 180 instead of -20% condi duration
signet of fire: grants 180 power instead of precision

Signet of earth: reduces dmge by 10% instead of 180 toughness

Blink: reduce cd to 30 seconds

Glyph of lesser elementals& elemental don't despawn after mounting
tornado: increase damage of tornado skills by ~500%

weapon skills
Staff skills:
lower fireball dps by 10%
increase lava font dps by 20%, increase radius to 240
remove -10% dmge per hit on Meteor shower (and Lightning hammer, frostbow, ice storm and lightning storm)
improve dmge ice spike by 20%
improve dmge lightning surge by 20%
Add 5 seconds of group superspeed ontop of swiftness on windborne speed
Gust 400 defiance break instead of 150

Projectile speed AA increased by 50%


dagger skills:
add 1 sec of burning/hit to dragonclaw
increase dmge vapor blade by 30%
increase lightning whip dps by 30%
reduce casting time churning earth to 1.5 sec

scepter skills:
arc lightning:  increase dmge by 200%
lightning strike: improve dmge by 50%
blinding flash: now grants damage in addition to current effect
rock barrier: now grants -10% damage instead of 250 toughness.

Core traits:
Powerful aura is now a grandmaster arcane trait (instead of elemental surge)
smothering aura's is now a master trait in arcane and has increased duration on all auras
new adept arcane trait (instead of arcane precision): elemental auras now grant an extra boon:  resistance on earth, fury on air, might on fire, resolution on water
Internal cooldown evasive arcana removed
Trait swap soothing disruption with arcane resurrection
any sort of condi dmge trait instead of diamond skin trait.
blinding ashes: reduce cooldown to 5 seconds, grant an additional 10% condition damage

duration of transcendent tempest is corresponding with tooltip (15 sec instead of 7)
overload time is reduced to 3 seconds
minor adept trait (singularity): now standard provides an aura upon finishing an overload.
minor grandmaster trait: now also grants stability upon casting an overload.
tempestious aura: now grants 2 seconds of alac when casting a shout (instead of might), cooldown of shouts is decreased by 20%
new master trait instead of harmonius conduit: after overloading an attunement you gain a specific stat boost depending on your attunement. 

eye of the storm: now provides shocking aura in addition to current effects
remove all casting time on shouts. 
Increase dmge of overload air by 30%
increase heal coëfficient on overload water by 0.2 on pulse and 0.5 on final heal
overload earth now grants party wide stability

invigorating strikes is now party wide barrier

increase dmge of quantum strike by 10%
increase dmge of flame uprising by 10%
increase dmge of rust frenzy by 20% 
increase dmge natural frenzy by 25%
increase dmge gale strike by 30%


automatic energy regen up to 10
same energy bar as berserker (visual change)
spectacular sphere no longer deals -10% dmge when traited
empowered empowerment now doubles the effect of elemental empowerment regardless of the amount of stacks. 
duration of no energy renewal after sphere cast reduced to 3 sec. 
staunch aura now offers party wide stability upon gaining an aura. 
invigorating air now grants party wide superspeed, recharge time reduced to 20 sec


I rarely ever play dagger/scepter on Weaver, so i got no clue wether they are in a decent spot rn. Hammer catalyst still probably needs some extra love, but not certain how much is needed after proposed changes. 

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On 8/29/2022 at 11:26 AM, Zunki.3916 said:

Remove all temporary toughness and replace it by dmg reduction. Temp toughness from skills is bad for some encounters. Rock Barrier still has it, Signet of Earth still has it. Most others got removed for the same reason already, but these 2 where missing.

Some additional stuff (I can only talk about PvE):

  • Make staff fire 1 a projectile finisher
  • Make staff fire 3 an explosion finisher
  • Make staff earth 4 a poison field like cata can in earth
  • Remove the 33% proc chance from the fire and arcane "burn on crit" traits. It has no real effect, it's weak anyways and is only skill description clutter. The crit chance is enough of a condition.
  • Transcendent Tempest: Make it actually last 15s (like the tooltip suggests, from 7s) and make it reduce the CD of attunement swaps like the arcane trait does
  • Empowered Empowerment: Remove the "only at max stack" condition and make it increase the buffs duration by 33% (to 20s from 15s)
  • Increase Weavers Prowess and Element of Rage to 10 or 12s (from 8s)
  • Masters Fortitude: Add dagger mainhand also getting vitality like sword, or just add it to all of them
  • Reduce CD of Strength of Stone to 1s (from 3s)
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On 9/1/2022 at 2:00 PM, Zunki.3916 said:

Remove the 33% proc chance from the fire and arcane "burn on crit" traits. It has no real effect, it's weak anyways and is only skill description clutter. The crit chance is enough of a condition.

Yes ! Thats one thing they should change on each class , having 33% to bleed , burn , etc ... once you crit. should be 100% chances when you crit. and if too Op , they can add an internal cooldow like increase 5 to 6secs for ele , or add a 3secs internal cd for bleed proc on necro or engi.

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On 8/29/2022 at 9:46 PM, soulknight.9620 said:

Ive got one! Remove elementalists and make a new class. Joking 😄

I do agree on the sphere changes, GoLE, arcanes, grand finale things. 

Noticed how the ritualist bosses in EoD feel like fighting elementalists but with more stuff? And that there are no human elementalist enemies apart from Aetherblades, instead they seem to have been completely replaced in Cantha by ritualists?

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Elite Signet - Signet of Elementals: Passive each signet gains an extra passive effect
Fire : Gain 180 Power

Water: Gain 180 Healing Power

Air: Gain 180 Ferocity

Earth: Gain 180 Condition Damage

Restoration: Gain 180 Vitality
Active Skill: Recharge your signets

Really want a elite signet 😄

but great signet idea's in this thread!

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i believe a lil signets rework could turn out great to make ele viable for most.... Passive use would help with the piano gameplay for those 99% of gamers that aint virtuose.. and well, signet heal is allready almost mandatory in most cases so why not tune the whole thing that seems stuck from the last decade...

And ofc, staff still. It just can't be a static/slow/high  cd and animation (and even quite lil area of effect at some point) in quite fast paced game; that just doesnt work out for x sake 

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Hello again folks!


I would add this to catalyst / general:

Wind Storm (hammer skill 4 when attuned to lightning): Remove the ''propel yourself backward'' and add +200 to defiance break for a total of 400. Reason is catalyst offer close to no CC.

Fiery Greatsword: Reduce the cd. (imo 90 secs)

Weave Self (Weaver's elite skill) could shine a bit more too!

Let's keep this discussion open... hope some devs read it 🙂

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since Elementalist is described by Anet as a "ranged" class:

sunspot, earthen blast, and healing ripple all need to be reworked to damage target foe/s at 1200 range, like enervating charge.

healing ripple could be reworked to act like necro's lifeforce animation: slighlty damage foe, and absorb health from it /them.

sunspot, simply needs to be ranged on target, instead of melee oriented.

earthen blast's damage also needs to be ranged.


it makes ZERO sense that these core, forced selection traits (within selected traitline) are exactly opposite of the description of the class. [they're melee range only ( point blank AoE ) on a ranged class] and are totally worthless with 4/6 of the core weapons.

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Eh, I really don't think HEALING Ripple needs to be a long-range DAMAGE skill. Healing yourself and allies around you is useful no matter how far away your enemies are, because you're always going to be in point blank range of yourself.

Earth is a very survival-based, including survive-having-enemies-in-close, attunement. The damage from Earthen Blast is fairly minor, the main benefit there is the cripple. In the context of a ranged build, having an ability to cripple nearby enemies so you can kite away from them is useful.

This pretty much leaves Sunspot, which is still pretty weak without Burning Rage. You could potentially make the radius increase baseline, and then make Burning Rage allow the sunspot to be centred on a targeted enemy rather than yourself.

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