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a truly great idea


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lol, been seeing this in chat, in voice and in open world. Another idea that's been floating is add Steve to open world just roaming and killing everyone based on aggro. Each time he kills a player the other 2 servers each get a point. Mind just for the event time period. Would be a nice tie in for the holiday and would be funny when he shows up for a three way zerg fight. Oh the carnage lol.

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16 hours ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

Would he even be harder then a Normal Lord?

More annyoing, sure. But harder? I dont think so.

With all the particle spam going on these days, people might not see what he does, which technically makes the fight harder.

And then you probably also see quite a number of players being dead weight, because they don't know how to handle Steve.

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14 hours ago, MysteryDude.1572 said:

 I bet he wouldn't be more annoying than the desert map lords


For DBL, Tower Champs, solo Steve is tougher outside of the Lich in Necro tower that passes condis back. As Far as Keep Lords he is tougher than Earth, close to on par with Fire Lord. Air I would say is tougher because of the lockdown if you are on a melee toon  versus Steve where you can keep dodging till you get some heals back. That's before you add scaling. Hence while instead of replacing a lord, have Steve roam the open fields but be ignored by any sides NPCs. Could be chaotically fun. Don't think it will make the budget line but fun touch.

The underlining question is though, could it open the door to other options. Example locking down bloodlust on a map releases a Steve like critter on the map. Then it adds strategy and another level to bloodlust. Another side owns their entire home map. Instead of starting with the further supply camp might be better to grab bloodlust first to add a big nasty out there before you start your other attacks. Gets your team stats and adds more challenge to all sides, plus ups the ante on the event that pops about blocking a side from getting bloodlust from you. Granted this a pie in the sky thought, there is other coding to get thru first but its a fun before coffee thought. 

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On 10/28/2022 at 9:04 PM, omgnoob.7860 said:

so i was leading a group in the lab last night. and a idea popped in my head.  steve needs to replace  the sm lord.not forever of course . but just for the duration of halloween. just think of that upscaling with a 50 man zerg on him.  oh the fun.

u forget that Wvw groups, at least try to, run a composition with healers and dmg on par, so idk if the steve boi would be successfully wiping anything outside of pvE farmer groups in Wvw.

but honestly, the gamemode is as good as dead, so random things like rampaging steves would probably not hurt

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