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A Reaper Build That Has No Problem Getting Hit: The Immortal Valkyrie


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9 hours ago, Nephalem.8921 said:

That is not how numbers work. I would not go down with this but i would drop like 8-10k dps depending on which variation i use.

In fractals when playing with players with hands most bosses phase after opening burst and in a 15sec phase dropping shout already costs like 2k dps. The build also drops a well and dmg mods on top.

OK,  I didn't make a claim about how 'the numbers' work. My point had nothing to do with how they work. I'm just ensuring there wasn't going to be a closer of 'therefore the build is bad' from the opener of "I played with someone who used this build and they were a day late and a dollar short"

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18 hours ago, mandala.8507 said:

The fight cadences of the CMs aren't so different from the normal modes that this performance would change drastically in them. If anything, you'd always have an easier time finishing your shroud rotation on the signets of suffering variants, and so the performance gap dps-wise between them and the meta build would shrink in these more challenging and lengthier encounters. 

Following up on this discussion about strike CMs, I just so happened to get pulled into a pick up group doing the first 2 of the strike CMs while on the middle-ground build, so here's proof this setup will do just fine even in those encounters.

I'm the uploader in both of these fights:

And rather serendipitously in the Mai Trin fight, you can see the difference between a player on the meta reaper build and the middle-ground build.

Also, these were only the second kills I'd gotten on either of these challenge modes. The Ankka log was actually only the third pull of that CM I've done ever and I hadn't touched the Mai Trin CM since progging it back on release.

The group I joined didn't mention they were doing the CMs until we got into the instances, so I was playing it pretty conservatively and trying my best not to let my relative inexperience hamper the group.

The Immortal Valkyrie variant only performs at about a 6% dps loss (33k bench vs 35k bench in my testing) when compared to the middle-ground variant, for reference.

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